A travelling film fiesta

first_imgGerman, French , Italian or anything from the world of european cinema is at your beck and call in the capital.‘It is easier to cross borders through art and music than economics or politics’, coming from a Europeon Union represenative, the statement symbolised the spirit of the 18th European Union Film Festival. Celebrating Women, the 11 city travelling film festival that was launched in Coimbatore on 8 March, is on its way to the capital on 8 May, trailing a voyage through Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Goa and Mumbai. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’In the curtain raiser for the festival, Pavel Svitil, Minister Counsellor – Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to India Jean-Philippe Bottin, Director, Alliance Française de Delhi, Angela Trezza, Director,  Italian Cultural Centre, Tibor Kovacs, Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, Jesús Clavero Rodríguez, Instituto Cervantes, came together to represent different EU member states. In an interaction, they dwelt upon the diveristy of Europe that will be portrayed through an assortment of 24 films produced in Europe over the last two years. In a deliberate effort, films of a certain nationality will be swapped and screened in a different cultural centre to embolden their message of cultural exchange and relationship. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThough the theme for the festival was decided long in advance, it happens to resonate with the current scenario in the capital. The screenings will share voices of women from across the European continent and offer an insight into their lives, their struggles and their persistance for being seen and heard.  The representatives assured that the films will have a cinematographic language that will hook the audience to the screen, however alien the languages be for  Indian audience. And ofcourse, you will get English subtitles to not lose the sense of meaning in between. Mark your dates for this one!DETAILWhen: 8- 19 May Where: Alliance Francaise, Instituto Cervantes, British Council, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Italian Cultural Centrelast_img read more

Look Out Candy Crush Flappy Bird Is the Latest Craze in Mobile

first_img 2 min read Just one glance at the iTunes and Google Play app charts makes it patently clear that mobile gamers have gone a little cuckoo over games about birds.Following the unprecedented success of Angry Birds, a new winged character has taken flight: Flappy Bird.Created by Dong Nguyen of dotGears, an indie game studio based in Vietnam, Flappy Bird is currently the No. 1 free app on both Apple and Android devices. To date, it has received nearly 500,000 four-star reviews in the iTunes store.Related: The NSA Is Using Angry Birds to Spy on YouAnd that’s not all. Nguyen has two other games perched high atop the iTunes charts — likely resulting from enthusiastic word-of-mouth about Flappy Bird. These include Super Ball (#2) and Shuriken Block (#6).Perhaps most bafflingly, Nguyen told the app development blog Chocolate Lap Apps that the growth of the games has been entirely organic. “I didn’t use any promotion methods,” he said.Flappy Bird has been described as infuriatingly difficult to win and is characterized by a rudimentary graphic display and extremely straightforward (read: nonexistent) storyline. Players must continually tap on their touchscreens in order to navigate a bulgy-eyed yellow bird between green pipes — not unlike those traveled by Super Mario himself.Related: Sweet Victory: Candy Crush Developer Trademarks the Word ‘Candy’The game was initially uploaded in May, but has only recently captured public attention. It is a free program that features ads but offers none of the in-app purchases that have made games like Candy Crush Saga so immensely lucrative.While piggybacking on buzzwords — like “birds” — has proven effective in an increasingly congested app market, it has also raised legal eyebrows. Candy Crush developer King even successfully filed a trademark claim on the word “candy,” while Zynga owns a trademark for the phrase “with friends,” originating from its massively successful Words With Friends app.While Flappy Bird’s meteoric success is the kind that is simply impossible to predict, Nguyen himself seems the most shocked of all. “I don’t know how my games can be so popular,” he told TechCrunch. “Most of my players are kids in schools.”Related: A Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your First Mobile App Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.center_img February 3, 2014 Register Now »last_img read more

Rep Chatfield Driver responsibility fees come to an end

first_img Representative’s plan waives fees for 305,000 motorists starting todayState Rep. Lee Chatfield’s law eliminating punitive driver responsibility fees in Michigan takes effect today.Chatfield, of Levering, introduced the measure, which was signed into law in March as part of a multi-bill package ending the fees and offering full forgiveness of outstanding debt.“Driver responsibility fees were an ill-conceived tactic of the Granholm administration to fill a hole in the state budget over a decade ago. The failed program did nothing but saddle drivers with debt, and in many cases, resulted in increased unemployment as a result of lack of transportation,” Chatfield said. “It’s long-overdue that we put an end to these unfair fees and relieve thousands of families in northern Michigan of crushing debt.”With the elimination of the fees, about 305,000 motorists will be relieved of Driver Responsibility Fee debt that caused hardship. Changes to the law also permitted about 27,000 motorists to have their fees immediately waived this year because they had enrolled in a qualifying payment plan before Feb. 1. Another 13,500 were granted relief because they had participated in a workforce development program.Starting today:If you have an unexpired Michigan license and do not have any open actions – such as a license suspension, denial or revocation – your driving privileges are restored. The $125 standard reinstatement fee will be waived and there is no need to visit a Secretary of State office.If your Michigan driver’s license is expired and it has been less than four years since you had a valid driver’s license, you must renew your license either online or at a Secretary of State office before you may drive. The $125 standard reinstatement fee is waived through Dec. 31.If your license has been expired more than four years, you must renew your license at a Secretary of State office. You will need to repeat the driver’s license application process that includes a vision and written knowledge test as well as a third-party driving skills test. You will also be required to provide documents to prove your identity, residency and legal presence.To learn more about eliminated driver responsibility fees, visit www.Michigan.gov/DriverResponsibility or contact the Department of State Information Center at (888) 767-6424.### Categories: Chatfield News 01Oct Rep. Chatfield: Driver responsibility fees come to an endlast_img read more

Heres Golds Magic Number Do you know about the

first_imgHere’s Gold’s “Magic Number”Do you know about the “Magic Number” that appears before EVERY big move in gold, EVERY big move in silver, and before EVERY big move in many precious metals stocks? Learn this number and how it works before you invest another penny. Full story here… — How Bob Irish Keeps “Living Rich” on a Social Security BudgetBob Irish recently investigated the new way a small group of his fellow retirees are creating thousands of extra dollars each month on top of their regular benefits…without stocks, options, or annuities.  Click here to watch it (and find out how you can start collecting your own extra income). Editor’s note: Today, in place of our normal market commentary, we’re sharing timeless financial wisdom from our friend and wealth expert Mark Ford. It’s one of the most insightful ideas on retirement we’ve read. Below, you’ll learn the biggest mistake people make when they retire, and what to do instead…I consider myself to be an expert of sorts on retirement. Not because I’ve studied the subject, but because I’ve retired three times.Yes, I’m a three-time failure at retiring. But I’ve learned from my mistakes. Today, I’d like to tell you about the worst mistake retirees make.It’s a common mistake… Yet, I’ve never heard it mentioned by retirement experts. Nor have I read a word about it in retirement books…The biggest mistake retired people make is giving up all their active income.When I say active income, I mean the money you make through your labor or through a business you own. Passive income refers to the income you get from Social Security, a pension, or a retirement account. You can increase your active income by working more. But the only way you can increase your passive income is by getting higher rates of return on your investment.When you give up your active income, two bad things happen:First, your connection to your active income is cut off. With every month that passes, it becomes more difficult to get it back.Second, your ability to make smart investment decisions drops because of your dependence on passive income.Retirement is a wonderful idea: put a portion of your income into an investment account for 40 years and then withdraw from it for the rest of your life. Once you retire, you won’t have to work anymore. Instead, you will fill your days with traveling, golfing, going to the movies, and visiting the kids and grandkids.But consider this: A retirement lifestyle for two, like the one I described above, would cost about $75,000 per year, or $100,000 before taxes.How big of a retirement account do you need to fund that?Let’s assume that you and your spouse could count on $25,000 per year from Social Security and another $25,000 from a pension plan (two big “ifs”). To earn the $50,000 balance in the safest way possible (from a savings account), you’d need about $5 million, because savings accounts only pay 1% right now.If you were willing to take a bit more risk and invest in tax-free municipal bonds (this is the safety level I like), you’d need about $1.25 million, assuming you could get 4% interest.But middle-class American couples my age are trying to retire with an account in the $250,000 to $300,000 range. That’s where the trouble begins. To achieve an annual return of $50,000 on $300,000, you’d need to make 17% per year.Getting 17% consistently over, say, 20 years may not be impossible, but it’s very risky—too risky for my taste. Recommended Links – I retired for the first time when I was 39. I put my money into ultra-safe municipal bonds. I soon realized, however, that to maintain the lifestyle I wanted, I would have to get a greater return on my investments. I would have to take greater risks with my money by investing in stocks. But when I studied the history of yearly stock market performance, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t confidently expect to get the return I needed, year after year.So what did I do? I went back to work.I went back to earning an active income because I didn’t want to spend my days studying the market and my evenings worrying about my investments. And do you know what happened? The moment I started earning money again, I started to feel better.Retirement isn’t supposed to be filled with money worries. Yet, that is exactly what will happen if you try to get above-par returns on your investments.As I write this, millions of Americans my age are quitting their jobs and selling their businesses. They are reading financial magazines and subscribing to newsletters. They are hoping to find a stock-selection system that will give them the 30% and 40% returns they need. But they will soon find out that such systems don’t exist. They will have good months and bad years, and they will compensate for those bad years by taking on more risks. The situation will go from bad to worse.It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s go back to the example of the couple with the $300,000 retirement fund and the $100,000-per-year retirement dream. To generate the $50,000 they need, they would have to earn about 17% per year in stocks. As I said, that is highly improbable. But if they each earned only $15,000 in active income, they would need a return of only about 7% on their retirement account, which is doable.There are many ways for a retired person to earn a part-time, active income. You could do some consulting, start your own Web business, or earn money doing any sort of purposeful work.I am not saying that you should give up on the idea of retirement. On the contrary, I’m saying that retirement might be more possible than you think.But first, you must replace the outdated idea that retirement means living off passive income only. Paint a new mental picture of what retirement can be: a life free from financial worry that includes lots of travel, fun, and leisure, funded in part by active income from doing some sort of meaningful work.One benefit of including an active income in your retirement planning is that you will be able to generate more money when you need to. But the other benefit—the one that no one talks about—is your ability to make wiser investment decisions because you won’t be a slave to your investments.Regards,Mark FordEditor’s note: Mark has spent the last five years developing a series of essays, reports, and how-to manuals on income opportunities and side businesses anybody can start right away. They are all based on his personal experience or the experiences of people he knows or mentored.He calls this the Extra Income Project, and he’s just opened it up to new subscribers. Mark says, “It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor, Harvard educated or a high school dropout, handicapped or able-bodied—at least one (and probably a half dozen) of these income opportunities will be right for you.” For more information, click here.last_img read more