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EC claimed, The Baltimore police chief, staff,By Carey Goldberg at WBUR 3 the country’s communications firm in Washington, receiving four donations of $250, Japan has taken a much more muted approach to Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs pushing back against them quietly while at the same time signaling to the US Administration its willingness to enter into formal bilateral trade negotiations which has long been a priority for Trump But Abe also understands that the current US President is nothing if not mercurial which means he needs to hedge It’s no coincidence that Japan just announced that Abe will be traveling to China on Oct 25 his first official visit in seven years complete with a trade delegation of 579 companies and numerous business leaders in tow There has even been talk about the possibility of Japan’s joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which is Beijing’s answer to the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Under Barack Obama the US declined to join the development bank even as European allies like France Germany and the UK decided to sign up Back then Japan stood fast with the US Now times have changed and political calculations along with them Of course the reality of Japan’s precarious situation is that this hedging strategy works only so long as US-China relations don’t completely go off the rails Should that happen Japan would have little choice but to side with its close ally the US–but from a position of weakness rather than one of strength And if you don’t think that matters to someone like Trump you haven’t been paying enough attention Watch this space Japan certainly will be Contact us at [email protected] This appears in the October 29 2018 issue of TIMEHillary Clinton wanted to spend 2014 giving speeches hawking a new book but otherwise staying above the political fray while she decides whether to run for president Republicans have other plansand they’re working For the better part of a year the GOP has hewed to a two-pronged strategy built around forcing Clinton to engage in day-to-day political battles and resurrecting the drama-filled atmosphere of the late 1990s On both fronts its hard to argue the partys efforts arent showing success Republicans are increasingly forcing Clinton to defend her record as secretary of state and GOP operative Karl Rove provoked a fierce response from Clintonland this week when he publicly questioned her health Separately Monica Lewinsky brought up old memories when the former White House intern whose extramarital dalliance with Bill Clinton led to an impeachment vote broke years of silence with a Vanity Fair tell-all Clintons hiatus from politics after stepping aside as secretary of state was always a shaky propositionand one that always had an expiration date She has said she’ll decide whether to seek the White House again by the end of the year But Clintons plan for the intervening 20 months since leaving the State Department was to avoid politics like the plague After all she was never more popular than when her role as top diplomat made her seem less partisan "The more political she is the less shes able to position herself as a uniting figure" said Tim Miller executive director of the Republican opposition research group America Rising "The more she can be seen as nonpolitical as private citizen world traveler that artificially inflates her numbers” She spent much of the last year delivering paid speeches on uplifting themes like womens empowerment and education while highlighting the best notes from her tenure at the State Department Save for fundraisers for longtime friends like Terry McAulllife in Virginia and Marjorie Margolies in Pennsylvania shes largely avoided electoral politics even as her speeches are carried live on cable news and attended by national political reporters Shes been a global ambassador human rights advocate and paid storyteller captivating crowds on college campuses and at corporate retreats But in recent weeks Clintons been forced to defend her record from the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi to her departments delayed decision to designate the group responsible for kidnapping more than 250 schoolgirls in Nigeria last month as a terrorist organization On Wednesday Clinton offered an unusually strong recounting of her record on Iran and Israel telling the American Jewish Committees DC summit of her "hard choices" as secretary of state a reference to the title of her forthcoming memoir As the Washington Post noted Clinton has entered a new phase and its not one she wantedat least not yet To be sure the GOP effort has done little to change the overall calculus for 2016 and Republicans don’t think their efforts will keep Clinton out of the race These story-lines and controversies would have undoubtedly come up anywaytheyve just emerged sooner accelerating Clintons reemergence as a political figure “Now that there is increased scrutiny on her and the Clintons are being drawn into the political fray her numbers are starting to drop” Miller said Indeed while a majority view her favorably there has been a perceptible drop in Clinton’s poll numbers since she left the State Department last year A parallel and equally vast pro-Clinton coalition of groups like Ready for Hillary and Correct the Record has mounted a valiant effort in her defense But the volume and the velocity of the attacks launched from all corners of the GOPespecially from high profile figures like Rove and Kentucky Sen Rand Paulhas proven to be too significant for the groups which lack the same platform to effectively respond alone The Clintons themselves are now playing defense “It’s probably what passes for a win at this stage” said one longtime Democratic operative close to Clinton-world The anti-Hillary effort starts with the year-old research firm America Rising and the Republican National Committee America Rising has a team devoted to Clinton complete with a video library of her every public utterance and polling analysis The RNC has "several" people in its communications division focused on the 2016 race according to spokesman Sean Spicer A separate Stop Hillary PAC has raised more than half-a-million dollars and signed up 250000 Clinton opponents Those groups have maintained a near-constant stream of attacks centered around her policy record Even without the organized effort the Clintons’ past has come back to haunt them Lewinskys first-person account in Vanity Fair threw the 16-year-old drama back in the public eye She wrote that she found Clintons "impulse to blame the Womannot only me but herself troubling" And Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library continues to release a slow stream of documents from their time in the White Housedocuments that reveal little new but continue to drive countless news headlines many negative And then there’s Rove Despite the 2012 shortcomings of his American Crossroads Super PAC and his embarrassing on-air refusal to accept defeat on election night he remains a smart political operatorand he knew exactly what he was doing when he questioned Clinton’s health Republicans say It was the equivalent of Harry Reids baseless charge that an informed person called him and told him months before the 2012 election that Mitt Romney hadnt paid taxes for a decadea shameless and ruthless political bomb designed to force a conversation on a yet another subject Clinton would rather avoid The GOP is resting its 2016 hopes on dredging up the dirt of the past plotting to take the current efforts into high gear should Clinton decide to run What remains to be seen is whether that strategy will work in the long run "Im still waiting for them to admit there was nothing to Whitewater" Bill Clinton said Wednesday adding yet another 1990s flashpoint to the mix "Its just the beginning and theyll get better at it" Write to Zeke J Miller at [email protected] prospect of deporting most of the unaccompanied minors worries Democrats.” (Triads are Hong Kong’s organized criminal gangs. 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