The depth of interpretation of high quality site outside the chain of knowledge

The type of the

chain roughly divided into four kinds, one is text links: a web site, we often see not click, for example: 贵族宝贝***.net; the second is a hyperlink URL: you can click on the link to the site, for example: 贵族宝贝***.net; the third is the anchor text: through a link to a keyword a website, blog fourth cases: Li Wenzhong; Links: friendship is friendship, mutual exchange is also the link between the webmaster, general web site or other places will have a special section to show Links, Links is divided into one-way links and links to each other, one-way links refers to a web site a link to another site, and another website without links to the site, anti knowledge linking.


2, the chain in the form of

! The

chain is defined according to the chain platform, at the forum outside the chain is often called the forum outside the chain, in the video website on it is called the video chain, thus the chain in what is called what platform outside the chain, are: the forum outside the chain chain, and video the library of the chain, the chain blog, SkyDrive chain, B2B chain, chain, chain of questions, news source chain etc..

1, outside the chain

second: the stability of the chain transmission is not easy to be deleted, delete the chain as the high rate of hair is not, because the search engine will post audit of foreign chain, if the next spider crawling found a dead link.

3, outside the chain of type

is simply from other sites into their own websites, then send the chain to other sites and leave your site. The role of the chain is: the spider transfer weight.


: the first formal, the chain platform to send must be normal, the hair of the chain in the illegal grazing station does not have what advantage to the website, but may be implicated, because the edge station itself will be search engine hit. In addition to sending the manual must be regular, some Adsense very well, simply find some chain group tools, the results later found this is some garbage outside the chain of

The definition and function of

chain is the only way for website search engine optimization station optimization, the chain website search engine optimization is a core work content is king, the chain for the emperor, from the importance of this sentence visible site outside the chain. With the search engine algorithm is not updated, more focused on the content of the website and the strengthening of the site outside the chain of quality audit, so the construction of high quality site outside the chain is extremely important! In earlier years, sending a large number of the chain website, it will get good rankings. Now the search engine, the foreign chain requirements is also more and more high, it should be said that the search engine looks more factors to define the ranking of a website, and not just the chain or some other factors. I explain to you about the chain of some important knowledge today:

4, the high quality of the chain how to do