Leaves novice how to do Shanghai dragon system

1, find a recognized master

Why did

many new people always ask some questions we look very foolish, such as what is the Shanghai dragon? What is the chain? This question is very difficult to answer, because this is some basic knowledge. Is conceptual, as long as read understanding what the meaning of the. But you don’t know that it is hard for us to explain. So, I think the novice to learn the best is to find the basic information to the concept of some basic things to understand. Here is not what recommended books, I think love Shanghai is a very good textbook. Why don’t we take advantage of it?

find a master? I think it’s very important. Open cast said, now the Shanghai dragon industry is in chaos. You can see, the same is two of Shanghai dragon can reach two opposite conclusions, but they are all celebrities. So, if you find a lot of a group of words, so you must be very tangled. Because you can get many different versions, and also can say! In this case I suggest you find a recognized master, the master can not very high technology, can not very old qualifications, can have a wide range of knowledge, but he will need to carefully teach you want to know, to teach you all. This is what you need to master, otherwise he would not teach you really powerful ability in vain. One proposal can go to Shanghai dragon research center to look, there are a lot of friends or good! I am from there to learn

is a good teacher does not mean you can become a master. If you do not work hard or not. Shanghai dragon is a dynamic industry, is not permanent occupation. To keep learning new knowledge, if you want to find a permanent industry advise you not to take part in Shanghai dragon, because this requires you to improve constantly learning, if you can’t spare three hours every day to learn and study. Please do not engage in Shanghai dragon phoenix. Because the Shanghai dragon is need every day to learn and exchange of


is currently the Shanghai dragon industry chaos, chaos in? Is unable to determine an industry standard, not a leader of the Shanghai Dragon Industry Guide, a hundred responses to a single call. Leaves as a Shanghai dragon Er, of course, also added a lot of Shanghai dragon related QQ group for the exchange, in the group I found that a most problem is: how to optimize the site? "The result is often unable to get the answer. Not others don’t want to answer, but your question is not good. Website optimization can be a few words to understand that Shanghai has also the dragon industry doing? Also need so many people to study all day and night doing? So I think beginners want to learn Shanghai dragon from the following aspects of

3, love to explore, love


2, to find a data base to learn about

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