Share the thirteen basic methods of access to external links

on looking for: if you have friends in the business nonprofit web site, such as school or academic websites, these sites are search engine to give the trust degree is relatively high, so, if you know a friend, can let them send you the link.

buy links: buy links although it is considered desirable, but it is undeniable that there are still a lot of people through the purchase of links to improve their PR or weight, if you encounter a good web site, may wish to try, but now, good external links may be there.

external links get there are many, but the best way is to provide valuable content, and then let others automatically link to you, but this is not suitable for many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster, I share below the practical method of feeling.


Directory: directory of weight is relatively high, but it is difficult to be included. So the need for web site directory log in some industries or regions of the directory is similar to the free navigation, but different navigation.

offers free downloads: including practical e-books, free blog template, or some plug-in or station material, can attract users to link to our website. This is actually a link bait.

provides online services: online services do not necessarily have to be very professional, sometimes entertaining or practical service will also be popular for the webmaster, online PR query, keyword density and even fun mini games, are very suitable for. This will have a link to your website or collection of people.

cross links: a cross link is Links, but for your master, is a one-way link, this link is generally easy to detect, as long as not too much, not too much, because the Internet itself is a large network structure.

write their own blog: blog posts and in which mutual discussion is a kind of culture, if to participate actively in the blogosphere will have a lot of friends links. In our active links and comments of others at the same time, they also get in and comment on this link.

soft or press release: if the press release is love Shanghai included words, it will be many websites and two spread, also will bring you the links are reproduced, these links are one-way, in addition to promote our brand, but also increase the external links, Why not?.

forum topic forum: generally do not allow advertising of things, but if your topic is very meaningful words, can in the final with the article on your links. This post is likely to be included, so the link will be counted.

post: after their articles written, not only in their own web site, can also be made to other sites, some sites do not pass the audit will be published, this is a good opportunity to leave a link.