Main factors affecting the website ranking is what Guan Jian word chain or content

saw a post, or a brick home to write the article, the general view is: the content in the king, the chain for the emperor, and then the high point of the argument is now no need the chain, content can be, this is what they say that user experience, said to be this website is the king, you can have a good ranking, is this really the case, this argument is really suitable for all

said this before, we first assume that a premise is the basis for the site has been done include: website code, Guan Jian word layout, H tags are placed, navigation layout, reasonable selection of the word Guan Jian, said the station basically equal to the optimization of the early well, that is a prelude to Shanghai dragon has been good, and then later the specific optimization above.

contact Shanghai dragon more than half a year, although from the time point of view, may still be a couple, but also read a lot of articles, absorb a lot of knowledge, because not yet at the advanced stage, so there are many doubts, of course here on many of the issues are not the brick house all agree.


but I want to say is for new sites, or for a part without content station above ranking method is suitable for you, more user experience for you, I would say, is not suitable, what is not new, what if you do not send outside the chain, engage in content in every day there, the so-called user experience, to ask you here, these you are to see who’s doing? Do to the search engines, there are hundreds of thousands of new station on the line every day, engage in content as well as your station is what search engines too many to count, find you, then give you the impression to do; users see? Because you have no ranking, so the majority of Internet users wouldn’t have the chance to find your site, people do not know, not to mention what the user experience. As an actor, single acting, if you do not match the hype surrounding it, probably five years of popularity, may ten years became popular, some probably haven’t retired people, fried as also an opportunity, we must grasp the. On to the site, every day so many stations, the search engine how to give you the impression that you have a certain content, but also with a certain degree of exposure to exposure, of course, is the chain, the external links have exposure, then there may be a network of people’s experience then, "

good, we then the contents of the above construction, a new station, a ten year old station, optimization method for the same? Certainly not the same, for a ten year old station, because for a long time, has gained recognition engine recognition, so this is not the time to the chain, and then focus on the content the construction of the above, then basically you can, then you can have a rank, the Shanghai dragon is already in the maintenance phase, it is often said that the contents of the brick stage, that is to say as long as you don’t make mistakes, you can be ranked in that position, it’s hard to surpass you, this is of course the.