Application of optimization strategies outside chain resources

snapshot update, to get keywords ranking has an obvious change, in order to show their optimization effect; many friends complain about the snapshot has not updated, with a different column of the same sites in such a situation, it has a relationship with the operation of its own, such as you want optimization of Oolong Tea this keyword, you may want to be the key to sit, do a lot of the anchor text of the chain, while ignoring some text links, which will lead to the page snapshot update slowly; and you want to make your page updated snapshot, we update the article in the station, mostly in the page URL can be in the form of link chain, so it can promote the snapshot update.


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4, questions and answers in the form of chain website promotion brand

recently in the study of the chain, the last to share about the chain resources accumulation and integration of the article: "the accumulation and integration of the chain resources is a part of" Shanghai dragon indispensable, today to bring you the topic is about the application of the chain resources; when we sorted out the chain resources, how can we better get used to it, we will let the Shanghai dragon do optimization effort, can be analyzed from the following points:

Links can transfer the weight of each other, the two sides to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking; between outside chain links can also contribute to this effect, such as links between blog and blog, and between the platform and the contribution platform links, even outside the chain of resources exchange, this can be a very good will our resources together, so as to enhance their weight.

character signature promote the keywords ranking

ask the chain form, not only can he.

character signature chain effect, this is difficult to comment on the issue, may also change with the search engine algorithm changes, but no matter how the website or some role, especially can do the signature of the anchor text links, for keywords ranking or get great help, such as to optimize keywords oolong tea, is the form for the ur character signature: [l=贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝] Oolong Tea [/url], note that the signature can’t change it, especially the replacement, once the link form changes, then to post leaving signature along with changes to do before the link is bound to cause some the influence of.

is generally in the form of soft Wen submitting links appear in the article, when our article by multiple websites, will increase the related domain of our site, although the chain effect of this poor form, but it can also improve the weight of our web site and promote the updated snapshot.

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