Analysis of the secret five manufacturing link bait from Jin Mu water fire and earth

submission in the first half of A5 and Chinaz, in fact, I found that reading is strong, reprint of high rate of soft have one thing in common: you don’t need to write high level, "

linkbait to provide users with the content must be useful, interesting, attractive, not up to the effect of the reproduced share is not. We first look at the effect of the chain do link bait can be reached: one-way, voluntary, natural, extensive degree is high, the content related to the basic theme, links appear in the text. This chain is a result of the dragon and perfect the chain of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon as you will move. The role of the chain is obvious to people, many webmaster and Shanghai dragon only in the forum signature or post, a few blogs, so the chain competitiveness is limited. Shanghai Dragon Master Zac said, if one of your competitors outside the chain of the pages are basically from the forum signature, then the opponent is not too strong. For the chain, high quality in order to rank for competitiveness, I enumerate their manufacturing bait used thinking, I hope you can have a little inspiration.

I love reading books, love our ancient philosophy, is also a webmaster and occupation of Shanghai dragon. A chain is a headache, always looking for a miracle or a method once and for all, this is a difficult process. Last weekend, the book which mention the five vernacular version, Jin Mu water fire and earth. The five line said five different things, also represents a benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust. So I cleared my head and start from the Shanghai dragon linkbait thinking, wrote this article. The hat was great, if the imaginary than real, for pat, if there is some inspiration to everyone, I will be very happy.

linkbait thinking of the "water": soft

The corresponding

five line Wuchang, "water" on behalf of wisdom. Water represents wisdom, is to observe things in detail, for any thing can predict the precursor, good physical Machiavel. Corresponding in Shanghai dragon, I will understand for wisdom and consciousness. The need to write software you have a good mind and sensitive thinking, for hot on the Internet can predict the precursor, achieve the effect of publicity by writing a good case, which is Machiavel. No wisdom can not write good articles directly, which means that the text can not achieve the "soft" effect, not soft, not words as bait. No soft bait to write out of consciousness is not strong.


now, many large companies have begun to do Shanghai dragon training, such as Sina and so on, even the Shanghai dragon Engineer certificate. Shanghai dragon is becoming more and more popular also caused a lot of problems, now, as the search engine update algorithm keeps on adding more sensitive online to foreign chain, Shanghai dragon Er can feel the traditional external link building technique was more difficult than before. This time, link bait is the most effective, the construction of the chain transmission is the fastest way, Shanghai Longfeng personnel can be properly planned, then you can rapidly and naturally harvest chain.