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web content key point five: authority

this problem is a problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Original and pseudo original, like a product patent, if there is no certain protection measures, so we see the original content on the Internet will be more and more less. If the network above things is always the immutable and frozen fresh, then the Internet would not exist, the search engine and users love new things, therefore, the original is the first step of website construction.


website content of key points of interest in

can take a look at the major portals, Tencent, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, entertainment and entertainment forum topic is certainly unavoidable. Almost all young people by the influence of entertainment, television, newspapers, Internet, no place to see what entertainment information, Internet users will love the entertainment subconscious attention right and wrong, entertainment knowledge is a key to attract attention, good entertainment section is a necessary condition for operation of high weight site.

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had to admit that the weight of the website directly depends on the content of the website, no good website content, website weight is difficult to improve. The content of the website is the website planning, before the first choice, do this, will be a solid foundation for the later website operation lay. Today, combined with the analysis of many high weight website, share ten key points to website content:

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operations, to operate a site, it must be attractive, can attract people. So, when we plan a site content, be sure to refer to users of interest, the content of the site can penetrate many people, can give much help, how many people are affected, we must consider, only users of our site of interest, can long afloat.

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One of the key points of the original

national affairs, economic developments, the people livelihood, is every day everyone will pay attention to, but the content of the publication must be the authority of the media, because it can not only affect more people, let more people know, the final is to news media published by the authority, credibility is stronger. The weight of search engine will give a higher authority of the news site, so it can set up an authoritative news section, is also worth considering.

The contents of the original

most users have said about love, a good knowledge sharing posts may not attract much attention, but some officials mistress and nurturing lover, first thing, triangle and so on, this is always a hot topic. In front of second points has been said, the site must be able to attract, in order to attract people, you must have a fascinating topic, a topic of gossip is essential.

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