How to make the site a better ways to live

more than two pictures are set-top box website, but a choice of the discuz program, a selection of dedecms program. (just a very good regional screenshots home see the difference) the main emphasis here is on the user experience of the above differences, discuz can well separate set-top box brand type and so on, and also a good dedecms website, mainly in the long tail keywords, to the page as a site for flow into the entrance. Only from the home page contrast, it is difficult to talk about the user experience. (PS: example only for set-top box this product on the analysis, the report’s point of view is to do according to their own products, choose the most suitable for the user experience of the program, rather than their own program).

three, the content of the website construction must be adequate

love, encourage originality. However, the original article after a limited number, and also not being collected and after several years of development, so the probability is very low, so with the pseudo original has become the inevitable trend of the development of the new station. Because only enough articles are included in order to create a good and long tail keywords, long tail keywords is the main source of traffic website in search engine.

of course, if the webmaster friends want to know how to optimize the site to introduce initial visitors can search in the station network, there are a bunch of this article. The author of the article is to provide thinking stationmaster friends thinking, and more clearly how to manage the website, do not create garbage sites. This article from Jinhu.

Although Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the original

hope that the site can live for a long time on the Internet, or a famous number, or to keep visitors, because the site may be the search engine to the K station at any time. The name brand is not so easily able to build, here I want to say is to keep visitors operation. A QQ group number and WeChat public account at the site of the head, if serious business website, you can create loyal website visitors, so visitors are willing to join the QQ group and WeChat public account to more effectively and rapidly understand the latest news website.

two, the website program template selection is the key to

we must first understand what you want to do, to do market analysis for product positioning and target the masses overall planning, target positioning in order to clear direction for website.

four, WeChat established QQ group and public account

, a clear target orientation


webmaster friends, with the passage of time is not * * *, to operate well in earnest a site? The author at least in this sentiment is very thorough. Then how to better manage a website, let website is no longer a so-called junk site? Here I have some ideas to share with friends.