Website editor knowledge needed to improve the overall optimization effect of Shanghai Dragon

general in the article published, there will be prompt Please enter keywords in the article, or a label (Tag). Then we can post several key as key words. If the content relates to the recent hot events and celebrities, can also use them as keywords to release.


Keywords -Keywords

we need a new publication to get the favour of search engine, get good rankings do? What to write into the Shanghai dragon thinking article? What is the key details below will introduce?.


if the editing ability, creative ability, have a more in-depth understanding of the original of the industry. The original content can give the user a good website to convey information, let users love the information on the website content can produce very strong adhesion, culture become loyal users site. At the same time, high quality.

is now almost all of the web application will automatically each article title as a content page title. So the title of the article must contain the keywords, the key is you of this article, want people to know that word to understand the content to express. So all the articles will be the center of words, think of this article you need to explain things, then of course you have the best title keywords to explain. A short, powerful and accurate expression of content, infectious title must be able to arouse the reader interested in increasing clicks. If the keyword is brief words in the title, reading fluency situation appeared two times will be very good.

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, the title of the article

is the summary of the Description. Is the content of the article is the summary of it. Also, now many of the CMS system directly to the first part of the article as abstract interception. In general, about 100 words, in this 100 word keywords appear 2-3 times more reasonable.

Abstract overview -Description


The content of The

website is an important part of the content of the website, all the articles constitute the whole content of the site. Each article website indexed by search engines and have included a good ranking website not only help steady rise, can be more Internet users see, this requires editors need to integrate into the good Shanghai dragon consciousness in writing or editing articles. When we get into the habit of the Shanghai dragon consciousness into every article from the title, abstract, keywords to the contents of the article, every step will make the website to obtain huge traffic from the long tail effect. The formation of website weight driven article ranking, the large number of clicks to promote website weight. Under complementary optimization effect of Shanghai dragon every article editing will make better reflect the whole website.