Ceng Yuwen how to update the content owners more reasonable

many webmaster friends update articles are very blind! Even copying others also is no purpose, just want to let oneself become a snapshot of the update! Even to copy some of the more relevant website without content, which affect the user’s reading, and spread the weight of the website! In the station for the update, I feel to keywords for optimization purposes to write an article, or a kind of good method, this article written with the content of the website is certainly relevant, but also promote the keywords ranking, can be said to be a good method for the

keyword ranking!

, a web site cannot do without the support of the article, "content is king", which has been proved by the thousands on thousands of webmaster friends! So we have to think about ways to make your web site not only, but also to the rich, high quality will make our website more vitality! Now in which large sites are not on their own station the article to maintain weight, they don’t like the small website, also need to optimize the chain as the focus, indeed, the rich content of the site index are quite good, but also bring a large number of long tail keywords ranking! Then we update your website, how to Shanghai dragon? Here’s what for yourself an understanding of this area:

, a client station based pseudo original

is not what industry articles are written so easy! Although many industries as long as we get to know him, you can write some articles to some industries; but even if you really understand him, but you want to write an original, most people can not do it! For example, an SMS Web site, although life is always able to see what a holiday blessing SMS, SMS, for us is a familiar! But if you write an original text messages, you can do it? So in the face of such industry, I think we should change the method, for example, we can find a few articles integration into one, such as through a original, most of the different with others, the search engine is still very recognized! Then we can set up some SMS quiz, SMS Plate knowledge and so on, so that we can write about this knowledge, is also a very good original method

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two, according to the keywords to write

four, good internal links essential

customers of the enterprise stand, every day to write the original is not possible, after all others treat the attitude is also very different! Especially for those customers demand more popular keywords, the original steps can be completely omitted! We only need to pinpincoucou into an article is enough for the more! Popular keywords, occasionally go to send the original or high quality original is essential! Search engine smell sensitive, we must meet him! It will let us

!! three, update the industry how to write