Now Shanghai dragon still use it

love a series of changes has been the existence of such two questions, first talk about personal thoughts and opinions, welcome you to the shelling.

recently by several stations do not know how to do, before we do almost 10 stations, the website has been updated, the chain is not much to do, are some of the better quality, and a signature didn’t do, but it seems the chain has not done what effect not only, website ranking in front, is punished, this is a very depressing thing. The most unbelievable is the station, being punished, to restore the site after more than a month later, the next station will be punished, as if love Shanghai in a group of a group of punish medical station, do not know what else to do medical friends have no similar experience.


site will be ranked

up? According to the Shanghai

each time the site was punished, and then began to cause analysis of the site being punished, it seems that will guide the station in this piece. In fact, we always think this isn’t the one hundred percent original, but the quality is absolutely not bad.


how to do?I just contact

in this case, we had to put the target is still concentrated in Shanghai this love everyone wants a piece of the big pot. In fact, the chain we are doing some love Shanghai related products with some classification information actually, there is a forum posting some signature with anchor text, always feel that these chain do not excessively, platform are also some relatively high quality, but does not seem to bring much effect website ranking. For the love of Shanghai has been change unpredictably to ask that, now the chain is also useful if useful? Which way to do it. Signature, classification of information, or to continue before the band website or anchor text link or chain method what better?

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is now the Shanghai dragon still useful? Recently, there has been such a doubt, do not know the search engine optimization for love Shanghai has much effect, love Shanghai still will see the chain when the relative ranking of

from Shanghai dragon in this line, you know Shanghai dragon is the most important outside the chain, the chain will only do rankings, so the time every day trying to send the chain, a day hundreds of the chain are small case. No ranking of hundreds of the chain where ah, how to improve the conversion of wood has ranked. But gradually began to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, not to say that every day you send some chain OK. So we begin to study new strategies to do extrapolation by buying some rankings better platform, increase brand promotion, to network marketing, not only in the search engine. But that may be the limitation of the industry, if the network marketing this one for the medical industry does not have much effect, there will be a lot of traffic, but the conversion rate is not up, more often they are not the target users, they just put these information as in the understanding of health knowledge.