Shanghai adjust the chain algorithm about love view summary

firstly, see the specific algorithm:

joined the hidden links in high quality site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

to spend money to buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

love ShanghaiA

1, relevant, high quality friend chain exchange: the role of a chain is not, but the requirements of the standards of

recommended exchange links 4, ;


Berlin studio think the following can still continue to do, and not in a certain period of time right down:

has no significance on

The construction of the chain of

Chen Hongran – Shanghai dragon treasures network director

of many types of links by reducing the power, but for the white hat Shanghai dragon, this adjustment not only is not terrible, but very gratifying. The form of the link is not too optimistic about the us.

chain algorithm, mainly for the love of Shanghai following the chain, are right down:

value by creating a web page or site built a large number of cross chain wheel;

3, social media sharing, including: love Shanghai micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝 and video website;

recently love Shanghai adjusted its foreign chain algorithm, and is constantly updated, this caused a lot of panic to the Beijing Shanghai dragon people, especially for some personal webmaster, it is a cruel blow. In many Master published about love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the view, there are good and bad, today Berlin studio deliberately their views on the matter and summarize it, I hope you can help.

The Shanghai

2 submission: submission in each big portal, columns and other places, on the one hand the site itself is of high quality, the link will be very good; on the other hand, this website may be reproduced in other media, blog, if not deliberately remove the link, it may produce many the chain of high quality.

5, a high quality resource station before commonly used approach is to do a large number of resources to the master station chain, each site quality is, now this has not. Don’t spend the same effort to do two or three high quality website.

and colleagues in the swap arrangement on your links in the article;


two, the Shanghai dragon expert opinion

The use of

love for the chain update algorithm, personal feeling is very meaningful. As we update the chain optimization in the process of the construction of the direction, let us more to concentrate on the true meaning of the websites.

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