Case analysis the 2014 forum signature chain effect is good


after that, everyone’s love, most often do BBS signature of the chain method in the end there is no use has been discussed in the chain, some useful, some say no, some say only to attract spiders, can not transfer the weight. After the discovery of more and do BBS signature chain is less, the major sites have begun to cancel the forum signature function.

do BBS signature chain I will write original articles, and then to the A5 submission to the webmaster forum to do outside the chain. Did not think this method is really convenient, A5 article in an article will have dozens of people I reprint articles, some will leave me the link to think about BBS signature of the chain is more convenient, but also is the high quality of the chain. Since then, Shao Lianhu is submitted to the soft chain method only used.

a few days ago, I began to promote business forum in Pizhou. Because you can take the forum signature, I will write in the signature on my web site name and URL, and contact way. In fact, the forum signature I don’t want to leave the site, also tried not to put. Because I thought I was afraid of falling in love with the sea chain. As the chain of garbage to punish the site. Then consider the user can not see the URL is not convenient, or in the forum.

many people no longer do BBS signature chain. But now, the blog so fire, a lot of people have their own personal blog, in order to do the chain or to other blog, in fact, almost with forum signature. Whether the blog or BBS signature, their purpose is the same, the chain is a chain method most people confused. So, do BBS signature of the chain effect? How is the effect?

I have a Pizhou network company website, web site keywords ranking has been one of the top one or two, before carefully optimized word, have always been the first one. Then how to optimize the heart, is reproduced some articles, some keywords ranking has been slowly fell. The Pizhou website is not much, the keyword ranking again good also mean nothing, I just have a few months without optimization, keywords fell to four or five.

from the first half of 2013, Shanghai began to love to combat spam chain. The most obvious is the A5 forum forum signature cancelled. As the most famous webmaster forum, A5 forum to cancel the signature just to clean up the garbage outside the chain of love Shanghai plan, also to the webmaster do an example. We want to know, don’t give the Internet garbage producing chain.

when I first started learning Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love began to crack down the chain of garbage. Of course, can’t do BBS signature. We all feel Shanghai dragon well done, as long as the forum signature site ranking is very easy to do, and now love Shanghai began to fight, really can not find a good way to do outside of the chain. Since then, I have to start learning to write soft chain, Shao Lianhu also set up their own blog.