Love to copy and paste the webmaster and some words of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers

Please copy and paste the

used to copy and paste your website there are others website starting your

prepare relevant materials, for example, to write an article on the "server" article so to find a more persuasive word segment, when writing to some other people can drive the release of words.

changed the original author of the information into their own do not feel very hurt

entered the Shanghai dragon optimization, copy and paste from the beginning to write original articles, first I think copy and paste is very simple and boring work, open the computer to see if there is a daily fresh title and articles on your website, copy paste to release information about others to go, instead of your information.

, a former original collection of information as well as the good oral summary of the contents of


and modify the information of others when you do

when Meizhou Peida network to write an article, we will do 3 preparations:


does not write words in Meizhou Peida network to teach you how to write more persuasive original articles:

I think a lot of

began in Shanghai Longfeng optimization people have such experience, slowly I realized that this habit is a kind of invisible damage, is a kind of harm to the original author, why? It was said that from the beginning of the Meizhou Peida network on the original article on the road next time the heart of the love I have to talk to the people to copy and paste information:

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before Meizhou Peida network is from the road came, but in Shanghai Longfeng optimization must have their own ideas and style, although it is simple and quick to copy and paste can also bring some traffic to their website, is more likely to bring the interests of the author is even higher than the original, but you think, if someone you really want to know where this article source is not difficult, 2014 website optimization the most attention is the "word of mouth" if you have seen the Meizhou Peida network released the "2014" word of mouth "marketing will again push the top" you will understand 2014 website "reputation" is quite important, then I don’t one by one, when I released an original article, in A5 webmaster submission is successful, as is not easy to write the article is approved, it is a Rewarding, exciting, who had carefully written an article for people is unable to realize, but when he saw many people reproduced in my article, some people will leave the moral source, the best nature is "superior", "push cool", also has such a part of the Meizhou Peida network will directly copy and paste that change their thought, as a Shanghai dragon by the optimization of workers, is a kind of invisible damage, why don’t you write a good article?