From the Shanghai dragon why Shanghai dragon forum development model of enterprises needs creative

development model forum from Shanghai dragon why, on this line of contact with Shanghai Longfeng people basically have heard the website optimization forum Admin5 Chinaz and Shanghai why several famous dragon. When we appear in the first position is Shanghai dragon when why fell in love with the sea search keywords "Shanghai dragon", indicating that this site is the comparison of success. Registered members of the site, the number of online and posting daily number are quite good, I am also a member of the Shanghai dragon why, through a period of time in contact with this website, I can be seen in a development path to this website, then share with you, hope that if friends want to do similar forms of website may wish to try.

Basics: some basic concepts are introduced in this part of the website optimization, may be the beginning of some part of the website, because at least basic knowledge is needed, only through books or other sites copy sorting can be, but if we sort things relatively complete and regular. It will attract users.

this site can be divided into the basic knowledge of website, forum, website recruitment and information industry, the forum is the core part of the website, the other is because of the forum have their value, once the forum does not exist that other sections may soon will be gone.

: the recruitment website some time ago just because, although many job sites, whether national or local, but according to the website optimization industry recruitment is still not, for this piece of blank, let more want to find optimal talent and some enterprises want to find the optimization work people are better able to docking, so only the section, then it seems to me, the recent development of this forum is good, after all, at the beginning of the idea is still quite possible.

: I think the insufficient place can make some changes in the website forum, now living is boring, if add some new things in the forum which may attract more than 28 users, pushing this website I think > in this respect

Forum: This is the core of the website, many users are in search for "Shanghai dragon" fell in love with the sea friends or colleagues to introduce over the registered members, in which it is can learn something, for some phenomenon occurred recently on the optimization method with good what you you can share with each other, the most important thing is to do BBS signature and make website optimization friends, improve site optimization ability and expand their contacts.

industry information: This is just a few days to get it, imitation is Admin5 or some other sites, this is very necessary, because the website forum has a certain scale, need some other things to enrich the form of the website, make the website more full.