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‘s top ten entrepreneurs in 2017 planning, Ma: 2017 Alibaba will no longer provide the "electronic commerce", Liu Chuanzhi: in 2017, 8 key investment areas, Yu Minhong: in 2017, as personnel, CIS fate…… Look at the gap between us and big brother,

below to take a look at the top 10 entrepreneurs on 2017 strategic layout done what sort of comb, we and big brother gap is what?……

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Alibaba group, said: "

from 2017 onwards, Ali will no longer mention "e-commerce", because "e-commerce" is just a "ferry boat."". The next ten years, twenty years, only "new retail"". Pure electricity supplier era will soon end, we must create new retail, so that online, offline and logistics integration, logistics companies from who do faster than to eliminate inventory, so that business inventories down to zero. The future of the manufacturing industry will be from B2C to C2B, that is, on-demand customization, focusing on intelligent, personalized, customized.

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2016, in addition to the start-up company’s capital winter, but also the major Internet Co throes of transition. The pain of this transformation will continue until 2017.

Ma: in 2017, Alibaba will no longer mention "e-commerce"

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Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of !

why electronic commerce is a traditional concept, I speak pure e-commerce will become a traditional concept, more than 20 years ago, we started to do the Internet, in fact, we do not start to do Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, us to 2003 realized that future business will be upside down. In 2004, we realized that we may continue to do so, finance will change greatly, so in 2003, 2004, I in the China had at least as much as 200 speech, with the business model, many enterprise exchanges in the future new e-commerce will change a lot of business forms. I believe most companies don’t take it as a thing at the time.


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but today developed e-commerce, pure electric era will end soon, the next ten years, twenty years, not only the new electronic commerce that said, this is to say that the retail, online and offline and logistics must be together, to the birth of new retail real line, the enterprise must go to line up, line of business must go down the line, the line with modern logistics together, in order to truly create new retail. The essence of logistics companies is not only to do more than anyone else who is faster, and the essence of logistics is the real elimination of inventory, so inventory management better, so that business inventories fell to zero, only this, can we truly achieve the essence of all the logistics real.