Affect the quality of content on the website of the

is for many Shanghai dragon Er, content is the source in the easiest, paste from the Internet or similar large web content directly copied, even directly mirroring and acquisition from other websites. But when you make such a decision, whether considered directly reproduced from the Internet content is what kind of damage to the site.

content quality depth impact on the site of the editor (pseudo original depth)

content directly reproduced to our website is very unfriendly to search engines, it will reduce the search engine trust for our site, when a large number of reprint content appear on our website, search engines will reduce the rate of collection of the content of our website, and the website ranking and ranking is also extremely long tail keywords bad.

when we need to use a lot of content to enrich our website, but also to consider the long-term development of the site and the optimization, but we have too much time to the original or false original depth, we need to use mild editing from the Internet is mild on the search engines or edit good, still has some advantages for the site of the long tail keywords, but does not recommend the use of a large number of mild or all of the use edit articles to enrich our website.

when we have a large number of time or when a certain writing ability, recommend the original content to fill the contents of the site, because the original content both in terms of search engine and user perspective are very good, especially the high quality original content is very advantageous to improve search engine rankings and weight, then the original content is high the quality of the demand for users is also very strong, high quality content will be transferred to other sites.

when I used some mild editing enrich the content of our website, we also need to use a certain depth edited articles posted to our website, the depth of information on the Internet is the editor according to the outline, to edit, add, restructuring and other methods to make the article more perfect, more readable, on the user’s reading more favorable. The search engine is very popular for such edits, if a large number of the depth of editing will improve the search engine on the web page of content included, rankings and improve the weight of the website.

content of the influence of the website content quality of reproduced

content quality content effect on the site of the original


is a wound for most Er Shanghai dragon website optimization of content sources, the Shanghai dragon er who, most of the content is from the Internet to reprint, editing (mild or mild pseudo original), and partly from the depth of editing (pseudo original depth), and rarely part by themselves original! So what is the effect of the content of the website ranking quality on the website of the

content influence on the quality of website of mild editing (mild pseudo original)