Which of the ten noble baby lay milepost in search technology

route 3. and traffic: once, search engines can only search the web, and then let the baby noble team map search real world become reality. Now you only need to search for "noble baby how far is it to Santa Cruz?", the noble treasure map can tell you how to get to the Santa Cruz, even can give you walk, ride a bike, take the bus and drove to the line, and if you choose to drive, noble baby even be able to help you plan out the best route to avoid traffic jam.


2. translation tools: ten years ago, the noble baby was just a product at the beta stage. Now, every day about 1000000000 noble baby translation requests, involving 80 languages. If you haven’t used the noble baby, can try to enter the "ten years" and its translation into German, you can witness the miracle of the moment.

6. voice search keywords: knock a word and then search times are gone for ever, noble baby search applications have >

5. mobile and multi screen: whether you are using what platform or device, whether it is a tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone, or smart watches, you need information and answers. Baby for all these noble optimization equipment, including a redesign of some products is not suitable for touch screen operation.

4. global search: sometimes, the most accurate search results are not words, such as if the user to search for Kennedy’s speech "Moon", he may want to watch Kennedy’s speech video. The global search is the noble baby to a variety of different types of search results together, so that the user can get the most relevant to their search results, and will not be subject to the restrictions on file format.

search technology milepost

1. auto completion: noble baby search box can according to the user input, the user may guess the next most input words, even able to load the corresponding search results. Therefore, when the user enters the "soft ginger pumpkin soup, you can immediately get a complete menu, even if the user does not know a soup full name, also can through the auto complete function to find the corresponding menu. Since then, the input of complete sentences into history.

Which of the ten noble baby lay

recently, to commemorate the 10th anniversary listed aristocratic nobility baby baby search business leader Amit Singhal wrote an article, recalled the noble baby in the past ten years in search technology achievements. In ten years, the development speed of the technology industry, like a century, changes of nobility baby in this ten years of amazing. Although the nobility baby is currently in a number of areas have projects, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, space elevator, high-speed Internet, but the search business is still the most basic and most important business. In the article, Amit Singhal cited the noble baby since listing in 2004, ten of the most important milepost search technology.