Analysis of the causes of their website snapshot and reduce the back love Shanghai

No. 20 in space, directly snapshot off more than 100, I analyzed the reason, snapshot reduced, about two points:

1. spider crawling, can reflect the level of activity of the spider, the site preference.

ha ha… Know analysis is not correct, I think love Shanghai there is one very important point, that is to look at the web log, this can be very clear understanding of the trends of the spider carefully. There are many websites to see log tools, you can download a look at the web log. I think the log should pay attention to three points.

2. spider crawling links, which can reflect the link of the spider crawling less, then we can target these links on the hair some outside chain.

The number of

This is just the

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1. site in space, it will be another space closed, causing the IP web site can not access, when love Shanghai spider found this site is another IP, the transition period has a review, this time will lead to love Shanghai index update stagnation, even reduced.

some time ago very tangled, because the server problems. The website open very slowly, and sometimes still open, very depressed for a host, but the problem came out, because I have a lot of details do not pay attention, causing the site to fall in love with the sea of snapshot fell. We all know that love Shanghai update rule is: there is a minor update weekly, monthly and again big update, update the details of love Shanghai, I love Shanghai in detail the 520 update rules in the event of reflection. I talk about my situation: in Figure sea index greatly reduced:

3. IP spiders crawl the web, the spider is not only one, there is a lot of, we can see that those spiders come often, every day there are a few spider, most of what time, this can be summed up some rules and rules the spider crawling your site search engine spiders from the body, optimization better to the site.

2. to the end of the month, at the same time I website as part of a dynamic link into a static link, thus leading to the Shanghai love spider didn’t crawl and grab the method of dynamic link, the end of the month to month love Shanghai will have a big update, the snapshot site of all web links once again, the audit, so the snapshot will part dynamic link loss.