Do website user experience some of the requirements in the design of web page

third, set up a website breadcrumb navigation

when users come to the site, the first sight is the website homepage, web page layout design will directly affect the user’s mood, we usually believe in Internet time is also deep, that is when we came to a page simple and beautiful website when their mood will follow pleasure but, when we see a site when the first reaction is out of order in this site is not formal, will immediately leave the site, of course, in the design of web page also has the appearance of many owners too much home to use a lot of pictures and JS, so as to get home too beautiful, so often will play the opposite role, but also seriously affects the website loading speed, we emphasize the reasonable website design mainly refers to the web page color Color picture design and consistent theme, reflect each other, giving the user a feeling that like nature itself, making the site more authoritative, users pay more attention and love our website.

today, for the website optimization webmaster friends, user experience has become the most concern, because the ultimate goal in our optimization is to allow users to more easily come to our website, visit our website content, to help them solve the problem, called user experience means everything from the user’s point of view, always take into account the user, rather than ranking traffic to do optimization, but the user experience is how to be transformed on the website of the rate has a great impact, so that for each of our webmaster do website user experience is the bounden duty, the author mainly talk about doing website user experience some of the requirements in the design of web page.

website navigation is an effective way to the site each page between the website column settings will affect the user’s access, clear the site of the column setting will channel page, column page, content page layer a show in front of users, after users come to the site will be able to quickly find what he wants things in which column, which page through the column navigation website, and he can quickly find the content they want, so to meet the needs of users is the best one of the best user experience, and now there are many large sites opened many two level domain name, the website column is beyond count, perplexing each page. Let a person hard to find out the site context, not knowing the content you want to find where it will lose a lot of the target users, and And back to the website brings a bad user experience for this type of website, although the website, more content, but as long as the usual attention to get organized website navigation is not difficult.

The navigation The second column is clear,

called breadcrumb navigation refers to the website page and content page, its role is a row of keywords in Shanghai Longfeng >

, the first home design to be reasonable