2012 then brilliant Shanghai dragon Er what are we going to do

three, the expansion of construction site outside the chain

we all know to do a website optimization is not only the external optimization, more is to optimize the internal structure of the site, if can optimize, is of great benefit to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er often said such a sentence, the site of the internal links is the site of the nerve, blood vessel. Only a good deal of these, the search engine spiders can smoothly on the site. And the website internal optimization directory structure may include a website, website content website page, 404 error page, if you can be a good optimization of this one, the website keyword ranking is of great benefit. We can look at the "95 wisdom, to hire" Xuzhou network of these two sites, from the enterprise to the post details page details page to the site directory at all, the optimization has done very well, very delicate. Keyword density and position it properly. A lot of long tail keywords get good rankings. It is important to the internal structure of website, hope you can review your website in 2012, to optimize the website, improve the rankings and flow.

is a website to the search engines, on the one hand is to the user, search engines have their own preferences, users also have different views. A good website in addition to high-quality content, but also need to have a good user experience. The user experience and website access time, the access efficiency is closely related, more linked with the website profit. If a website user experience is good, then this site is half the battle. As a webmaster who do not want the user to jump out of the high rate, the longer the site access to useful website. Xuzhou is good, the most advanced talent recruitment website in Xuzhou, from inception to now have more than 4 years, during this period, according to the different users of the reaction, and constantly revised, continuous innovation, the user experience has been transformed into a talent recruitment website is very good, it is recommended that you can send more take some time to improve the user experience of the website, it is of great benefit to the website.

two, improve the user experience of

, upgrading the internal structure optimization Website

bid farewell to 2011, ushered in a 2012 full of challenge, full of competition, a spiritual rebirth in 2012, we need to save the country is not, not the earth, but their own. Destiny in our own hands, all by our own hands. Don’t be confused by the 2012 end of the world, we need to be calm and sober. 2012 there is no end of only freshmen. As a webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er, 2012 in the new year, we still need to keep the spirit of never give up, never discouraged, in 2011 we might have faced the pressures experienced various difficulties, let it in the past 2012, let us begin to do a qualified Shanghai dragon er.

site outside the chain of importance as we all know, the chain construction site difficulty we also know that in 2011.