Shanghai Dragon construction enterprise stand not for beauty but practical


people and different optimization methods between the station and the station has the distinction. Shanghai dragon can be said that there is a routine method of absolute and absolute, regardless of the site structure optimization, the details of content update, the release of the chain, each person may do methods are not the same, the results achieved are also different, so share some experience and experience, as you can an object reference, completely imitate may not have good results.

mining has several steps, but must be combined with the tools to do, will greatly reduce the manpower, and the efficiency is much better, through mining tools, further artificial selection, then save the keywords, preserved is used to update the article used. Keywords mining has several good tools for the webmaster reference.

to talk about enterprise content updates, in general is not only practical for beauty.

love Shanghai for promotion assistant is public bidding promotion website use, but we can use the free platform for mining, these words are a lot of value, we can make good use of it, can be analyzed in the same search volume and the degree of competition keywords, according to these data we can combine their own go to the website for relevant keywords, such as:

Several steps below


2, Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search

love Shanghai is arranged according to the drop-down box search volume keywords, and search is an extension of words, these words we can choose for our website, in the relevant search we feel free to click on a closed.

1, love Shanghai for promotion assistant

update to the content on the website as an example, mainly in traffic information station, we have to do is try to make the site more flow, so the renewal of content mainly in the topic for those popular website topic, often focus on the love Shanghai billboard is every thing a webmaster information site the enterprise station update was different. The content was updated topic is very few, according to user requirements are different.

, a keyword mining


The optimization routine between

construction of the web content for an enterprise is a very important step, after all enterprises update not content, we often don’t need to update it, but we have to update those meaningful content to users, each article is updated to help users, can be generated the conversion rate of the article, rather than the so-called industry information, company news, only as a filling site, but no real effect. The air conditioning maintenance enterprise website as an example, we look at how to update the content: