Shanghai dragon how to change thinking to the chain for emperor tomorrow


three, SNS share the chain, some time ago, Shanghai got a share of love is very hot in recent years, with the birth of Web2.0 sharing platform, search engine for this kind of interaction.

But as we have always assumed that the soft

is simulated users, it should be like a little, the chain can not only on a platform, must be diversified, what user forums and blogs are likely to go everywhere, may leave a share. Moreover, an article can not along a pile of Web site, it is also too obvious! I’m afraid I let myself see this article will feel uncomfortable!

today I Xiaofan to talk and now the webmaster how to do outside the chain, is not the change of thoughts and ideas? Scindapsus love Shanghai update algorithm recently hit further 2 edition of foreign chain, coupled with the spark of love Shanghai original plan, basically can be seen love Shanghai of content on a network an improvement of the quality of the original support, support the user valuable content, hit copy, combat spam, soft blow.

for the punishment of a garbage soft Wen for spam chain platform, especially the news source to be named, but the small webmaster for the news source of this thing is not used much, so the impact is small, one for the chain of garbage in the target station. So before the crazy hair chain ranking can surge in times long past, the chain also simulated users, such as natural share, in a related chain platform, write a valuable content, with a natural connection on the back, write more articles, source and so on, as well as the user is natural

, Links, Links in now for the search engine algorithm is still very important, but now Links needs strong relativity, not related website link effect is very weak;


is the high quality of the chain, the search engine may not a pole knocked over. Love Shanghai more for no value, is a look at the head of the soft advertising promotion, has not called the promotion of soft paper, according to several cases of love Shanghai are evident advertising means, which allows users to see soon there will be resentment, not really can not do promotion, but we can hidden deep, not to love Shanghai, service users, allowing users to read the article think there is a harvest, and then find your ads, he naturally not too disgusted.

blog forum outside the chain, although the chain blog search engine has greatly reduced the chain effect, forum have also set up nofollow, but is still used to this kind of chain called blog forum outside the chain, the chain forum needs to find the same theme of the forum, the correlation is still very important, non blogging software type is still of some use, but it is recommended that the construction of theme blog, keep updating useful articles, the chain is also a good source to keep a good future, increase the breadth of the chain, webmasters can also choose some classified information platform, inquiry platform etc..