Several operating points of stable web site keywords ranking

to find the new Shanghai dragon keywords search needs, we must pay attention to the long-term search engine drop-down box and relevant search there is no new changes, if the user needs to change the wave so drop-down box in the default search will appear small, you will find the drop-down box before there will be a few have a simple user search needs new words. For example, in the word Shanghai Longfeng as an example, the author found that the recent Shanghai dragon search, the more out of the Taobao search needs Shanghai dragon, this is before I haven’t noticed, we change according to user needs to adjust the contents of our website, the user needs Everfount shaping quality content, this can be adjusted continuously to meet the needs of the user experience, users can obtain the search engine rankings lasting recognition, rather than released every day some think the quality is no problem in any quality of the site will have its place to learn, only continuous analysis, can be discerned.

second, the user needs to constantly change of search. First of all, we can see that I search keywords Shanghai Longfeng search menu and relevant search, as shown in figure

third, building must pay attention to the site itself brand. The brand is the unique value of an enterprise, is the best spokesperson, as this website the one and only thing we should not only detailed >


The author found that the

search engine algorithm in constant change, for the website optimization keywords ranking fluctuations also have a great impact, then, what is the reason for the fluctuation of website ranking optimization techniques? You is a search engine for? What about the stability of the core site key word ranking, the author analysis one by one to you, several key points of stable keywords ranking.


second, the content of the website is the basis of stable quality ranking. We know that the quality of content for the website weight is " " foundation;, the skin does not exist maojiangyanfu, said the importance is the basic problem, ranking the first mark stable content quality, many owners complain about ranking fluctuated, we carefully check the website content, almost all the pseudo original uniform content, pseudo original content site also hope it is equal to the ranking stable castles in the air, here is my real experience, anyway, my own pseudo original site basically have not even ranked in turn, we look at the A5 station network, if the quality is not important, why a lot of low quality pseudo original article A5 station will be shut out, is the industry benchmark, is the reference and imitation station we can do. As Lao Tzu moral cloud: man law, law day, days France Road, imitation of nature. Is not contrary to the only observed, we may not be able to reach such a large state, but to follow and imitate the industry portal as operation optimization ideas and this is our own small station " ".