can’t see Shanghai dragon obsolete Moshou the theory of immutable and frozen

just saw an article entitled "Shanghai dragon is dead" the popular social real-time content on the A5 website. A5 believe that all Internet practitioners are too familiar, this is the famous Adsense website map king. The article pointed out that "Google is making the doings of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete, Shanghai dragon industry will end in the next two years." After reading this article, I of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete theory put forward some personal views.

adhere to adhere to before there are results, can let you give up halfway, always on the road to success.

then, for Shanghai dragon outdated view, should refer to those not with the times and search engine synchronization algorithm of Shanghai dragon theory. As an important occupation of Shanghai Longfeng workers, in addition to adhere to the quality, more important is the observation and thinking. To observe the change of the engine search, thinking Shanghai dragon latest theory, in order to promote the development of Shanghai dragon theory to adapt to the requirements of the new. Therefore, Shanghai dragon obsolete theory refers to the old Shanghai dragon theory is no longer adapt to Shanghai dragon theory search engine algorithm change. Shanghai dragon as long as the search engine to meet the need, so it is never out of date.

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second, the Shanghai dragon has internal and external points about, refers to Shanghai dragon industry predicate: Shanghai dragon station optimization and stood outside optimization, while the two part also covers almost all of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the key content in the work. With the search engine on the user experience is gradually perfect, the corresponding algorithm is introduced and applied gradually, some still use "teacher’s knowledge" to optimize the site staff, will feel less Shanghai dragon spirit, Shanghai dragon very difficult, over time will produce outdated views on Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon theory is a dynamic theory needs to change with the search engine algorithm. Each search engine algorithm changes, there will be many webmaster in each big forum complaining, for example: love Shanghai recently K station, there are many stationmaster complain, some even with aggressive behavior. I am in the process of Shanxi website optimization, there are three points: understanding the persistence, enthusiasm, low-key, I think you can learn from the webmaster friends.

, the first Shanghai dragon search engine optimization, its research object is the algorithm of search engine, its purpose is through the search engine production in line with the requirements of the site, will be the site of the marketing information accurately and quickly transmitted to the target user. Therefore, Shanghai Longfeng varies with the search engine algorithm to update and develop their content. This also conforms to the world is the philosophical theory of ideological movement, change and development. In other words, something that is not immutable and frozen in the world, Shanghai dragon is no exception! Whether it is Shanghai dragon industry, or any other industry practitioners, should not have a look at the development of the world, otherwise, light is outdated, while being eliminated.