From the rise of the 360 products in the analysis of user experience how to do

remember the Qihoo 360 founder Zhou Hongyi in talking about how to do the user experience is simply to transform itself into SB erlengzi mode to use a product, with a comfortable habit is good. At present, the rapid growth of the number of Internet users China, but not everyone knows how to reinstall the system, killing the virus. Even Chinese IT practitioners, more and more computer fancier grow with each passing day, and the number of Internet users compared to only a very small part of it.

I do not deny that the existence of a Qihoo 360 is bound to induce the user’s consumption behavior is loaded through the browser security guards products, but 360 security products to become the domestic security field of "big brother", which is a good user experience, simple and convenient mode of operation and in line with the Chinese consumer psychology is the inevitable result of habit.



360 products especially the rise of the 360 security guards:

is a young company founded less than 8 years, its products have been involved in many areas of security, browser, desktop, compression, site navigation, and have high visibility and market share. Before the author refers to 360, this achievement is due to the rogue marketing means, such as through the 360 half activation code to send Kabasiji to win the market. But I think, if not in the product experience and consumer psychology under the foot work, marketing activities more tricks again how rich? The supermarket every day to buy a send a still unsold merchandise, for landing send Q coins open service q a few days dead bursting with popularity game also meet the eye everywhere.

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a "3B war" will again push the Qihoo 360 in the teeth of the storm. In fact, Zhou Hongyi led the 360 has never been a good team, Tencent, Jinshan, Shanghai love…… The Qihoo 360 of the domestic Internet Co with a times. However, even so, also did not reduce the pace of expansion of 360 products.

technology in a three or four city survey of users of Internet products in small and medium-sized city articles pointed out that a large number of low-income users of Internet products, and on their mobile phone, computer, 360 security products installed rate far exceeds that of other application software.

I think that this phenomenon is due to a low-income Internet users of the computer security awareness is not enough, that computer viruses such as cancer cells as difficult to cure, and open the web page that is likely to poisoning (perhaps from 360 of the big internet virus harm, rendering) on the other hand, 360 security guards fool operation.

This paper briefly analyzes the

, fool operation

open the 360 security guards, security check button even if high myopia can see, click another point about the automatic detection, automatic optimization, easy to use old children. Although other domestic security products have been using such a model, but the 360 has accumulated a large number of users.