How to prevent the original content is collected

will update the content to the URL


at the beginning of the site, a large range of prohibited acquisition

articles within the anchor text link

many webmaster writing habits are at the end of the original article on the copyright information, but such information is not what the real meaning, if you are copying or acquisition, not these information. Of course, in the end put such links or anchor text is not a good habit, only the middle natural keyword or the anchor text link, while others are collected by this article, can bring the link, this loss is not large, as all the chain, to avoid being deleted, how good is the key link. At the end of the article links is that you can see at a glance, in fact, you can add links in the article, the anchor text color can also be set to the ordinary color. Many owners are not careful inspection, in fact it is palliatives.

we are most worried about is the love of Shanghai not included in their website content, website content update will be submitted directly to the URL love Shanghai, Ping is not bad, although the URL will not be included immediately, but Ping and the chain is to attract spiders can come before the launch of the original spark of love in Shanghai plan, this set of perfect >

on the network is plagiarism, plagiarism is a very common thing, Xiaobian also to other websites to collect, met some websites are prohibited acquisition, in fact, the principle is not difficult to meet, such as locomotive such collector, web application can determine it is not working on the page acquisition. The software running quickly. After the acquisition of the IP program can be shielded, so just to prevent large-scale acquisition of such software. For manual acquisition, we are most comfortable with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, it is difficult to eliminate, JS code has shielding function that, although Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V users can prevent or prohibit the source code, but it is not completely eliminate the phenomenon.

in Shanghai constantly updated, after constantly pay attention to the user experience, the quality of the website has become a priority among priorities, for the previous practice, the search engine does not support, many webmaster to keep writing original articles, original articles for the new station is very important, although the original article will consume time and energy a lot of love, but love Shanghai very original content, now the new station if you copy or false original, it is easy to love Shanghai that is a collection station. All the new faces a headache: is stationmaster itself hard to write original articles, collected or stolen, this situation appears very unfavorable to the railway station, railway station, not what the weight included is slow, no matter which one is your web site collection content, first included certainly not the owners own website, the webmaster hard work would be in vain, for now the search engine is not what method can eliminate this phenomenon.