Dai Renguang how about the website of Shanghai dragon weights should be how to improve

            first, we look at what is the weight, in fact we can use another word instead, trust is the search engine, search engine more trust in a web site, will give him a high weight, so to win the trust of the search engine, a a station to get search engine trust, how should do?


            (1) quality content is the foundation, must first be a valuable site, here is the value of many garbage "tricks", but the real for the user to provide information and services. The second is the information site, to know the search engine is the main provider of information retrieval, if your site is not information, but the site navigation site, then the Shanghai Phoenix for you may not be a good way to promote. So a premium content site is favored by search engine. Even if some people don’t understand the pseudo original, you can fool a search engine, but if one day, your weight is down, you are K, you do not strange, it is normal, because you try to interfere with the search engine, search engine in challenge mechanism you are clever.

            speaking of Shanghai Longfeng, I think everybody says the most or the keyword ranking, certain keyword my ranking in the first few words, of course, will say weight, but that the weight is good, but also for the concept of weight is very vague, many people will say, you see my website weight high, so I love Shanghai in the key words in the first few rows. In fact, it is a misunderstanding of the weight, the search engine weights today to write website.

            how to create the weight of


            (2) there is again some Shanghai dragon dead, such as procedures, within the chain, site map index and the like, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng development up to now, Shanghai dragon problem website is still relatively small, after all, we all use some mature some of the basic source code, are still doing is Shanghai dragon in place, but the website, program and pages are more, there will be a lot of careless problems, such as many sites once I will not careful, because of the large amount of page content is K high similarity, the similarity may not be high the content is caused, but a large number of repeated redundant code, not only affects the normal content of spiders to crawl the web content, but also caused high similarity.