The five should have the consciousness of Shanghai Dragon

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content is solid I always insist on practice, the benefits of doing so is particularly evident, one is able to meet the needs of users to browse and query, let users come to your website content, the two is for search engines, there will be enough for the included, Shanghai dragon help, the three is to promote word-of-mouth if the content of the website, 00 do not what the actual value, so the user does not look so much, not to mention the initiative to help you spread. In fact, the power of word-of-mouth is especially important when the site to a certain time scale will be more obvious.

with the development of the Internet, many websites already cannot do without the dependence on Shanghai dragon, it is gradually warming, because Shanghai dragon is indeed a very good website promotion method is not only good effect, more important is the low cost, especially for a person is more suitable for the webmaster. Shanghai dragon is a step by step, need to continue to accumulate, when there is enough experience, in the face of a new website optimization ideas, can also form a core probably so, today I summarize a few of his own feelings from five aspects, hope the new Adsense after reading on their own Shanghai Longfeng thinking will help.

pick key layout

in general, several major aspects of the site optimization outside, such as external links, URL path, internal links, long tail keywords and so on, as long as the grasp of these aspects, it is easy to grasp the core, below were summed up in five points I think it is important to Shanghai dragon thinking, also called the five consciousness. If have a wrong place, also hope that more exchanges and jointly improve.

moved for a website or blog site, it seems that this is not a problem, but for some pictures of more site or B2C site, this is a challenge. Because the picture is very important for users, but often need to cooperate with some text that, if the structure of the site is not allowed to have too much text page, then at least to keep some position in the sidebar placement of text, not uniform placement of pictures, this is too monotonous.

the long tail word and not big website patents, our small and medium-sized websites can also have a long tail and can also obtain the flow.

‘s website is always a must, but some sites do not seem to pay attention to this point, for some Shanghai Longfeng class blog site, are doing very well, but some products sales enterprises and the majority of the station station, pictures, there seems to be a lack of. The internal links must be done, and find a good chain has been down, the key until the desired ranking. Of course, here is the premise of reasonable inside chain appear, and can not be arbitrary. I like the Beijing carved figure in the next focus is in the chain, strive for perfection.

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