Discussion how the search engines love Shanghai

as everyone knows, love Shanghai platform recently on some sites had baptism, my site is the case, according to the website I made the following questions please master zhijiao.

5 update problem snapshot. Love Shanghai snapshot complaints platform can not say is nominal, simple decoration, complaint will give you good mood, do not wait, the snapshot update should be related to the content and update users to browse the web content in the decision, rather than simply the key word search, so we can all go to brush the flow of love Shanghai platform and new content? Contribution is related to the degree of new content, should be the key keywords ranking, hope to be able to think about.

3. love Shanghai artificial intervention too obvious. A website, my name with him a 8 year extension of the same customer, just right down, I also stated in the complaint, we name not the Chinese elm leaf base but still not recovered half a month. Many not the actual content of the site has a good ranking, my content is the latest technology of many years of experience in related industries and our boss, this website is still K. The user experience is to fall in love with the sea is really important?

1. love Shanghai platform website problems. I found a lot of problems in the love of Shanghai platform, and even there is a lot of friends in the chain link horse website is a good ranking, this is a very cruel reality, first as an example: in Shanghai in the first place a keyword input the website (_ Fatong price _ other columns the Shandong Zi Yang Garden – _ Fatong seedlings base) to this site there are a lot of friends of the chain in gambling, lottery and other illegal websites, and the content of six months is not updated, but its ranking is the first in Shanghai, the so-called love plans are doing what Scindapsus that

? ?

4 user experience. The user experience should be content to users and users in the website useful degree, get a benefit, I suggest that Shanghai should focus on the collection of love to join the user experience evaluation, not just to mention, but no real action, the amount of content browsing many sites in more than 30, but was banned no, but the actual content of the website home page, Shanghai is in love with a tangled heart test client can see page

2. love Shanghai included too slow. In the delivery of many sites in Shanghai, love included is the slowest, but also for the site problem you are 10 such complaints are not necessarily the result, I have a website for a period of time before being joined in a lawless folder, only love Shanghai constantly collection of related content, while 360 other platforms included is normal, I found the problem and complaint, will be the site of the illegal black folder deleted, but the love of Shanghai not only included no change reaction, weight is also directly falling, I do not blame love Shanghai right down, black chain can have a certain punishment to me, but received the wrong content recorded should be deleted, this half are still not reflected.