Shanghai, the construction of the chain to achieve four aspects should be considered in mind

Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion everyone has their own experience and methods, these methods and experiences through their own learning and practice it. Well, not only can let oneself not spend too much time in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion process, but also has a very good effect. Many novice webmaster friends always complain about the Shanghai dragon need to spend too much time to deal with, it is too tired, it is difficult to persist, you spent a lot of useless old home, Shanghai dragon should pay attention to efficiency, we are in the most relaxed way to key words do go up, just like today talk about the construction of the chain this some of his own experiences.


to keep good rankings is one thing many webmaster friends very headache, because we all have experienced many words finally put it to the first page, but good times don’t last long fell again soon. Keywords to keep ranking, in addition to the station update, is outside the chain, the chain construction depends on the degree of competition keywords, "

Analysis of

data in Shanghai dragon as essential, the construction of the chain as well as the first to see the level of the competition is the key; others come up with a number of keywords to optimize your, your first is to expect these words about how long it takes to row up, although some word search volume is small, that is to say love index in Shanghai few words, but the level of competition is very intense, love Shanghai before the five page is mostly some top-level domain, so these words want to do up will take some time to deal with it.

, according to the degree of competition keywords to design the chain

two, the number of the chain takes about

is the analysis of the above keywords competition, we can probably know these words, probably need to do outside the chain, can let them up; considering the quality of the chain chain number should also take into account the quality of the chain, some quality and probably need to let him have much good rankings. Some of my friends got a website, then regardless of the consequence, doom him outside the chain, although this kind of spirit is very valuable, but also can make your keywords ranking up, but we want to know Shanghai dragon is a long thing today; although you have this kind of passion, but what we want is for a long time. Maybe not long before you feel tired. Therefore, we in the construction of the chain, can not be too reckless, we should be careful to analyze some popular keywords, as long as your site inside slightly adjusted adjustment, just do a little bit outside the chain, can have ranked

three, how to keep the ranking

chain construction is an essential part for Shanghai’s dragon. Content is king, the chain for the emperor, is always the essence of Shanghai dragon, a web site keywords to have good rankings, in addition to the construction of the station is in the chain this! In the construction of the chain I think we should be aware of, why? We can start from the following aspects: