Do website ranking love Shanghai perseverance to win in the method


two, on the website of the internal links

recently, after a few big love Shanghai, some websites come, some website rankings, some websites has fallen, low content of love Shanghai in the search results is cleared. In August 22nd, Shanghai announcement speech: love love Shanghai to continue the upgrade algorithm. Love Shanghai focus on cleaning up the object is still cheating site and low quality site.


, a good web content

The correlation between


love Shanghai valued website, so to improve website ranking, the chain must do a good job site. In addition to the establishment of the website internal links, the establishment of the website each page link structure, we usually include maintenance of website, in the form of news content page keywords added hyperlinks and related articles recommendation.

In the chain of

is here, I combined with their own work to talk about some ideas. Do love Shanghai search engine optimization, a lot of Shanghai dragon er know how to pay attention to changes of love Shanghai algorithm, and follow the rules of Shanghai love to go, so I wouldn’t let their websites suffer. Update Shanghai love again and again the algorithm, but also advocate everyone to do high-quality website, do high website user experience.

the content of the website is not only to do search engine, more to do to the user see, website content to attract users to browse, and meet the needs of users, the user experience of the website value can be greatly improved.

I add a daily news content page, will give the hyperlink content with keywords, links to the home page or the corresponding sub page. A news report is usually 2 to 3 draw text links, this article put the head and the end of an article, the middle and upper part of A. And to key words in bold, play emphasis >

3, update the content to have the law, but also need to adhere to. Add a daily news information, every day to send 3 news. This can easily attract spider web pages over the site, it is easy to love from Shanghai.

2, website content update: update the website industry news and site theme related, and their related groups of users to communicate with business people understand, for potential customers concern to write news.

recently in the promotion of a new station (Guoteng two generation ID card reader network), the main goal is to improve in Shanghai love search rankings, and improve the ranking in Shanghai love and keep the love Shanghai ranked in the front page, in addition to the station optimization, also need to do more, important basic and repetitive work, is to keep updated, including the following three points, I also insist on doing things every day.

1, every day from the search engine to collect relevant information and website product application, or is the most popular news around the keywords, after finishing editing, into their website industry news, updated on the website.