How to remove the love of Shanghai website security risk warning

Why would

love Shanghai website security risk warning: if our website loopholes and by the hackers, "implanted on a large black chain or illegal advertising may appear this kind of security risk warning, as shown below: XX official website of love Shanghai safety risk warning:

2. through the above steps, love Shanghai website detection tool generally pointed out to us risk sites, we need to follow the instructions, and then one by one rule: (1) after the general hacker invasion site, a large number of black chain hanging in the home, we need to remove these black chain (2) camouflage JS this code jump, better detection, JS detection we see website source code can distinguish or use Adsense tools whether there exists jump (3) did not exist before advertising, if there is (4) we can delete one by one rule, we do not need time to change the website backstage and FTP password management good site permissions 3. completes the detection to eliminate the work, we need to submit the complaint to love Shanghai, love to Shanghai that we have excluded these bad information, request to Out of safety risk warning love Shanghai "complaints address: 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/add PS: if all security risks excluded, generally within 1-2 weeks, will love Shanghai, the website will soon recover.

"now Shanghai reminds you: this page may be due to hacking and security risks " harm: 1. users do not trust: any risky sites like anti-virus software viruses, users worry about bring unnecessary losses to themselves, if not a long time to eliminate the negative effects. The user will have even our brand on our website and even sense of conflict, XX company, XX products is a concept, which affects the conversion rate of the site. 2. is not conducive to the site of the Shanghai dragon Optimization: general this suggests that love Shanghai will give us some time to solve this problem, if not a long time, we may have to face the website ranking drop, the risk was even love Shanghai K station. (any search engine does not want a deceptive website to mislead users, cheat flow) website solution security risk warning: 1. first love Shanghai website security testing tools (October 24th has been upgraded to a web site), detection of PS: love Shanghai website security testing tools need to register and authenticate site permissions, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/welcome



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