Guess its search engine ranking rules as to the user experience

when changing a search engine search engine ranking rules, the webmaster began to speculate, began the distraught, Google has launched a hummingbird ranking rules, for a time, the webmaster began to worry that this ranking rule will overturn the previous ranking, from let website ranking for the larger reshuffle, and the impact on the website the flow of their own. This is an unnecessary worry, no matter how the search engine ranking rules, as long as we are from the perspective of users, good user experience can be.

search engine ranking rules can be changed, but eventually, the user experience is always put in the first place, there is the user experience, the site out of the natural rate of PV decreased, natural increase, keep the user, with high flow, search engines will pay attention to your site, given the high quality ranking. In fact, the search engine ranking rules may not change, change are some of the details. For example, the Google hummingbird rules, as is to provide users with more accurate information search, only to improve the user experience, while Google’s basic ranking rules do not change.

love Shanghai or noble baby or every time ranking rules are updated, in order to enhance the user experience, for example, some time ago the spark plan, and love Shanghai graphic display, all in all, it is to allow users to get the most satisfactory search results. We can according to the change of search engine, make the appropriate adjustments. Love after Shanghai launched the graphic display, the owners can take corresponding measures for the addition of picture display, in order to show the form of the rich. However, this does not mean to show the pictures will be ranked in front, the picture can make a web site displayed in a richer way, the most important thing is to have a good content.

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, the Google hummingbird ranking rules, this is the rule of the search engine a minor change only, intended to provide a more consistent and accurate information for the user. When a user searches for a keyword, the more accurate information is displayed to the user. Mainly for the long term, not the short target word. The webmaster, a lot of time to follow suit in the state of Shanghai said, love should pay attention to the original, so we have to make the original, over a period of time, that seems to have no original content, but also will no longer engage in the original article. The owners do not know, the original article is not immediately reflected, but also do not know, the original article is not necessarily a good article.

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when you are still guessing the search engine ranking rules, may wish to start from the user experience, write every article, consider some of the user experience, user need, search engine is needed, because the search engine is for customer service.

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