nfluence of search engine ranking five causal factors


1, every site is on the link between web pages and on a combination. The weight of each page is reflected in the link of each web page on URL.

fourth elements: website bounce rate is the main form of user experience, has a lot of influence on the search engine website trust index, website ranking. Popular point that users click on the site from the beginning to leave a course of action, if the final consumer behavior, or has a potentially strong sense of trust. What your site is a basic user to good website, basic and search behavior of users.

website, are generally four step strategy, a collection of two, three, four, ranking, flow transformation and enhance the brand effect. No matter the content of the web site links for the emperor or king, the site in the search engine ranking is not registered there, ranking about network marketing.

elements flow first, no traffic to the website optimization results in search engine rankings is unstable and unreliable.

3, internal links or spider are included in the site of expressway.

2, as the site of internal optimization is our controllable part. Each link page is inside chain another page, the internal information of voting.

for everyone is familiar with the website of Shanghai Longfeng WHY its website from last year to now revised several times, but each time after the website ranking will fall short short time strong recovery test is what the test is the flow?. A word site optimization does not flow, all clouds are a mirage and insubstantial objects, empty joy.

5, the website not only needs its own trust index, external trust index is also very important, website external links play this role, charge into the enemy ranks banner.

The number of The first

content can see the site is full of flesh and blood. The quality of the content reflects the practicality and authority of the site, while the content or site necessary for traffic. No amount of credible, enrich website content rich website will not have the Everfount flow. Or a word, content base, original + quantity guarantee is necessary.

4, website structure, navigation is also a link, the user experience degree is the role of many links.

third elements: link context plays a website link, weight transfer, "a vote of confidence in the role of. Links can quickly improve website ranking in search engines.

To optimize the search engine marketing platform

second elements: content is the cornerstone of the quality of the website, is a web site in the search engine ranking security there.


The road today Kankan website optimization effect of search engine ranking 5 causal factor