Five ways to make new weights rapid rise

, a day to update the original content of quantitative timing.

, however, does not mean that any of the original articles published articles. The original article and the theme of the site must be closely related, otherwise not only is not good, the opposite may even make the site lose weight, was suspected and drop right engine. A very good correlation website, not only can get a good user experience, but also to shape the brand website, Why not?

two, to the optimization of the site within the chain, rapidly enhance the website weight.


content is king, the link for the emperor, the so-called link includes two parts, one is the chain, one is in the chain. For a new station, within the chain is especially important. Because the chain do good, not only can be more advantageous to the spider crawling, can make the web page be fully included. The site should be good internal structure factors include the website page static settings, 404 pages, robots.txt files and web page title, keyword density and so on, these are also the important content of the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

search engine today more and more intelligent, the content on your site is not really the original engine can be easily identified, especially for the love of Shanghai such intelligent engine is even more so. Love Shanghai official had mentioned more than once the original content of the importance of the website, the love of spiders in Shanghai is a greedy and love fresh food spider, this point, especially the new Adsense webmaster must remember. On the site in the early, update the original content regularly, not only can make the spider to your site to obtain the initial impression of a big difference, the weight, and can make your content easier to obtain ranking, and will not be deleted overnight.

for the new station, the weights of the website or not is directly related to the new snapshot, ranking and flow, a high weight of the new station can not only attract more traffic, so that the healthy development of the site, but also for the owners to inject strong confidence, patience and enthusiasm to make owners more stick to it. A good start is very important, the new weight relatively high can certainly get the attention of the search engine, although the website weight is not equal to the ranking, but it is one of the factors that affect the inside pages of the website and. So how to enhance the website weight, so that the new station in the beginning can win at the starting line, it should be no responsible webmaster should pay more attention to the problem. So, how to improve the site specific search engine weight? According to my experience, if the new station according to the following five methods to implement it, the weight can be accumulated rapidly and greatly enhance the new website.

try to make the site completely static, not completely static should also make pseudo static. It is easy to let the spider crawling and included static web pages, I have seen more dynamic Taobao guest website, because there is no optimized pseudo static, site one or two years included in the site or basically stay in the home page and page classification >