The chain for the emperor to check these chain tools you have used

from last year YAHOO shut down Site explorer, for the chain of Shanghai dragon staff query website has become a problem, although there are many tools to check the chain, but are not very accurate, even with accurate tool, but also need money, today, Ding will share several free inquiry outside the chain of tools, for all to see.

The first

address: 贵族宝贝



Ding to share is the Afrefs tool, this tool personally think it is quite accurate, but this tool is not completely free, but also can be used, there are some limitations, that is to say can not display all the chain number, but also can query. It is what other good? Is that it can display the external anchor text links, is useful for us to figure, and it can also count the total number of domain name, domain name, the relevant type of text, nofollow etc. These are displayed completely. But for Chinese, English is a bit difficult.

address: 贵族宝贝backlinkwatch贵族宝贝

outside the chain of tools was released by the Shanghai dragon Moz, data is more accurate, but also provide the function is good, the number of anchor text can also query the chain, the total domain name number, PR number and so on, the specific function is not detailed, slowly to try it.

2, Shanghai dragon moz

index assumes



this tool more simple tool is Backlink Watch, it is easy to use, enter a URL directly on the site after the tool returns a list of all external links, and can display the anchor text, the other on the page was a total number of outbound links, can determine whether the URL with the nofollow attribute with good. But this tool has a >


1, Ahrefs

recommendation: assumes to

address: 贵族宝贝ahrefs贵族宝贝/site-explorer/

recommendation: * * * * * index

note: if the registered user, the chain number will display more (before 1000), users can only query 15 day free website.



3, Backlink Watch (trans query tool)