Talk about the search engine website content of three elements

is not a practical website in a deeper sense is not the needs of users, for example, now people are talking about a H7N9, you have to set up a website this website SARS, is not practical, such as the Sichuan earthquake in Ya’an and now, you have to set up a Japanese earthquake, such the website is practical? So we want practical website must meet the needs of users, in line with the current development trend and character >

if the search engine on your website is not cold, even many days not update snapshot from the surface, so we can see that the search engines do not love your site, if your site every day, every day snapshot included, although the website now no good rankings, but is from the future: your website ranking certainly get leap. For a website, many factors will affect the development of the site, but no matter what you do, as long as the search engine firmly grasp the core idea, then we can guarantee that your site is not out under the influence of search engines please.

requires the authority to build website brand support

now have part of the webmaster website has seen a big crisis, the big update this Thursday is a good example of this crisis, a lot of personal website ranking is reduced, and the fundamental reason for this situation is the site did not seize the three core elements of a web site, want to obtain the stable and lasting trust support the search engine, then you must keep the site: authority, relevance, practicality.

for the correlation between the hearts of many owners are actually understand what is going on, but 90% of the webmaster is to do site correlation, in the long run and the webmaster execution of a great relationship. The website content relevance requires personal webmaster to edit the correlation of original content, and most webmaster are lazy, you let him go to write original content correlation very difficult; secondly the correlation between Links and chain, many owners do not want to take the initiative to look for the Links, do not want to spend more time to build correlation outside the chain, so it will cause some sites outside the chain, many seemingly extensive contents, but the substantive and independent of the website, this website is very difficult to want to develop.

what is the authority, the authority is mainly embodied in simple terms website promotion in the website of the brand, its brand, the chain weight, and part of the site at this point has been lacking, in the face of defects, as a webmaster will have to take measures to solve these defects one by one, the author of the proposal is in authority on two points: one is in the process of building the chain’s website to weight high site for the construction of the chain; two is in the promotion to establish formal, innovation, high brand image, so to improve the website authority in the intangible and tangible, ensure that the website user trust search engine support.

to create practical requirements in accordance with the needs of users of

to create a correlation between website has high execution