Marketing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises have drifted away from the traditional Shangha

recently and some customers, the author found a problem, that is the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing demand has drifted away from the traditional Shanghai dragon service. The point is a straightforward many small business owners have obvious lack of confidence in Shanghai Longfeng, this phenomenon has been exposed. The traditional Shanghai dragon service is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprise website, with business owners of the Dragon knowledge marketing and Shanghai, business owners began to pay more attention to the network marketing, the author refers to other marketing methods, like WeChat, micro-blog and other marketing marketing, many companies will focus on those popular marketing. With their pessimistic counterparts that Shanghai Longfeng prospects, and will die within a few years, as an occupation of Shanghai dragon people, whether you consider the reason for this


enterprise station is a business or enterprise online storefront to decorate the facade, first, then the customer will be interested to see the products you sell, finally can produce the order, you have to look at the quality of customer service and product. From the marketing purpose, Shanghai dragon and any other marketing methods compared to no essential difference between what, the key is to optimize company can stand at the camp.

NO1: the disadvantages of the traditional Shanghai dragon service

In the process of

NO2: the future of Shanghai dragon service innovation

Small and medium sized enterprises in

is currently engaged in the enterprise stand optimization peers are also very much, provide a few keywords, or by the Shanghai dragon practitioners to choose several keywords for customers, are usually the main keywords in the enterprise home station layout. Regardless of what type of site, the main flow from the long tail word, generally the main keywords are more intense competition. But those keywords very little competition and not what traffic is not suitable as the site of the primary key, but small and medium-sized enterprise stand the content of the page is very few, ranging from dozens of product pages, more than a few thousand product pages. Does not seem suitable for the whole optimization, because the number of pages is far from enough, unless in the long tail word choice to do very precise. On the other hand, ZhengZhan optimization than the main keyword optimization is more difficult, need to devote time and effort may be, there is currently no optimization company is willing to do such services.

station of Shanghai Longfeng service will be more difficult, it is an inevitable trend, on the one hand, love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated rankings make more and more difficult, on the other hand, customers will be less. In the face of these two aspects of pressure, optimize the company should how to survive it? In the traditional service innovation can have Shanghai dragon, the author thinks that Shanghai Longfeng services need to be more precise, in the choice of words and flow steps in more detail. If used to do keyword ranking is to flow, and flow rate is then transformed after the Shanghai dragon service for small and medium-sized enterprises, but the pursuit of the station, most of the time we are helpless. The flow can be obtained by means of technology, but the conversion rate of involved range is wide, a page design are bad enterprise station, even if there is a steady flow of Shanghai dragon, the conversion rate is not good as can be imagined.