The new short time to get the love of Shanghai included and weight method


The original and update frequency of

three site growth state. Here Xiaobian to attach two pictures. The first is related to the increase of the state domain website Icon:


small series website love Shanghai site results page 11, domain 367. Here we only to fall in love with the sea to analyze, then we look at the site in tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 love Shanghai weight ranking, as shown below:

The chain and the chain The next In the

can see in the picture, the relevant domain website has been a steady growth of the state. The next part is the site of the chain Icon:

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. This small example is the new sites to share how to optimize, a short time be included in search engines, and gets the keywords ranking website weight. Webmaster friends all know that new sites are easy to fall in love in Shanghai observation area and Google sandbox in the on-line, Xiaobian yesterday wrote an article about how to reduce the fall in love in Shanghai observation period and Google sandbox probability "article, interested friends can see. Xiao Bian today with his new Hunan as an example, the following in January 14, registered a new domain name:


combined with figure two, small website domain name registration 20 days on the line for 18 days, in the love of Shanghai has been part of a keyword ranking. How do? Many owners from the website online, after 1 and 2 months, or even longer time the site has not been included, or included after being K away, the search engine has been in the observation period, very confused on the website of the Shanghai dragon, Xiaobian this paper hope to help novice webmaster.


two, the. The station is a small series of articles are original, update frequency is not high, are generally 1-2 days to update an article. 18 days to the website also updated 16 article.


analysis small website, here Xiaobian brief introduction.

can be seen from the figure, the domain name has never been registered, not expired domain name, so there is no use of the advantage of old domain name said. Today is February 3rd, the enclosed site information today.


, a small path of the web site is optimized, we can see the station’s navigation path and the path will be able to see it. For example: the path of this column page navigation in "Shanghai dragon experience" is "/jingyan", the path in the column is "/jingyan/xx.html"; "the path of Shanghai dragon College" column is "/xuexi", inside the path and above similar.