Taobao shop flow to improve the thought of expanding

is this, if you will do the Title Optimization, train promotion, your traffic will not be great. What do you do?

do network promotion will know the medical industry, medical industry > why specially pointed out

traffic? There is a Taobao

Li Leiting has a point here is that products can be differentiated, the flow can also be differentiated. How to speak? The first said the product differentiation, this is a lot of people understand, find out the only selling point of their products, and then packaged, this is true, but can the product good selling refined and can make attractive packaging, which I think most of the sellers are not to do, even if looking for someone to do that, the price is not generally small sellers can bear it. At the same time, shop decoration and so on all of these according to the latest product design positioning. These costs are very high.

on this point, I hope that we can expand the flow of their own ideas, know a lot of Taobao Taobao customers, customer revenues are still good, every month can also engage in a few hundreds of pieces, many can also engage in thousands, more can get to tens of thousands of. Since Taobao station competition is so big, why not learn from Taobao to Taobao to get passengers outside the station,

but for the flow difference, this is relatively simple, you only need to have a good idea. And it is low cost to test. Of course, probably because I am more familiar with the traffic.

so for this product, since few customers have the demand, then we can take the initiative to create demand for customers, as long as the products show more potential customers in front.

chin Dambyn say this product, according to a description of my owner, he said, they in this industry, Taobao gold shop, by all activities and do Juhuasuan give up. That is the case, Li Leiting believes that this product for user groups, more at the time of the purchase, there is no clear purchase goal, but see this product, you may have to see the price, can also buy it.

many sellers have an inertial errors, that is, Taobao, to get traffic in Taobao. The truth is that Taobao’s traffic is very large, there are 30 million visitors every day. The question is, how much do you divide these visitors to this industry traffic? Tens of thousands of shops and the daily search volume of only a few hundred baby, do you think you every day and how much traffic?

in Taobao, many shopkeepers are complaining about their store traffic is too small, what’s the reason? Li Leiting think there are two points, the first is the boss of the heart is a little greedy, second is that the boss does not promote. Especially for some in the Taobao competition is relatively large industry, especially the kind of competition, keywords and less industry, it is even more difficult to get traffic, for example, the Xinjiang dry cargo Badamu, let me give you a look.