Share the hospital website construction and optimization experience

is engaged in the optimization of these years, a lot of contact the medical industry, private medical industry is mainly to go quickly in optimization and for this, the basic is the industry all gone furthest, playing the ultimate industry. Before and after contact with different sizes of hospital websites, our hospital team also this year also three built nearly more than 100 hospital website, through this article feather want to talk about the hospital website construction and optimization of the initial experience some matters need attention, hoping more engaged in the hospital with the children, some of the confusion. You can also, some ideas and thoughts about your line ah.


site location.

this problem is who is not open around the topic. There are times when I give Hangzhou a hospital to do the training, asked that include planning, bidding, Shanghai dragon, editors, artists such as program: we all know that our main hospital has 2 sites, are XXX disease; the question is, who can tell me which of the 2 stations and the difference between them in what place? The results, almost no one is clear and accurate. In situations like this, is typical of the positioning is not accurate. The natural follow-up work effect is not to go, this is also a lot of problems in hospital station. Medical, medical station; who will call the word, but the details of the real difference? Each hospital is not the same demand, each main hospital departments are not the same, the advantage of every hospital is not the same, even every hospital staff ratio is not the same, nature will be reflected in different site. Common will have the following several aspects: 1, the hospital’s official website. 2, station area diseases department. 3 diseases department industry station. 4, single page marketing site. 5, auxiliary coverage site. 6, bidding station. 7 main doctor site (not common) 8, etc.. The difference of these sites, the feather can be in a follow-up article in detail to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to medical three.

Second, understand the

this is a common problem. Estimation of this problem will have been around the entire site operation.

site is to see the patient.

so, the information flow is very problem. Patients – > Consultant / Doctor – >

most of the time, the real decision is the site of the final form of the person in charge of the hospital. Department director or marketing director or is unlikely to fight in the first website front, to communicate directly with the patient to be; and can have communication with patients, doctors and consultants will be. Here we analysis: consultant, consulting amount of pressure on that, is unlikely to pull us where the good hospital site and patients, where the bad; on the other hand is a consultant to the website they are not so deep understanding, simply not professional; even if you want to chat, chat is not a known so. The doctor, that piece is more hope not. Feather brother contact the hospital to see a lot of, the network department and other departments of the hospital is very independent. Few (almost no) is to coordinate the fight.