How to use Google keyword tool

, ", Phrase" matching phrases; is the search results in a complete contain the keywords you want to search. If you search for "Shanghai dragon learning", it will display the "Shanghai dragon learning experience", "search volume Shanghai Longfeng learning materials", but does not show the "distance education", or "Shanghai dragon based learning", because the original keyword phrases have been opened.

Google keyword tool is used for Google click advertising service, but it is also an important tool of keyword research. Keywords tool identifies the global search and monthly search volume of certain key words or phrases. But many people have no right to use this tool, that gets the wrong keywords information.

that someone will ask "why Google keyword tool didn’t show us the real search volume

if you’re looking for is how many people search for a particular keyword, then you can use the exact search [Exact]. Now, the data has become a real search results, you will find in the search.



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search volume [Broad] type display contains some key words phrases. For example, you search for "Shanghai dragon learning", the search volume it will provide you the keyword search volume also provide keyword contains the phrase, such as "Shanghai dragon learning", "learning materials" Shanghai dragon ", Shanghai dragon based learning" etc..


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will remember this box is selected, otherwise you will have a lot of other keywords. By default, Google auto preset your location and language, to provide the most relevant results for you. You can change the advanced settings in the options according to your needs. The next step is to search a simple click of the mouse. This time is the tool to confuse our place.

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if you search for "Shanghai dragon learning" in the keyword tool, "Shanghai dragon training" or "Shanghai dragon website", you will get these words and these words and related information. The search field below is a check box, as shown below:

if you are like most people, the tool will display "1600 global monthly search volume of Shanghai dragon learning", the monthly search volume in the local is 1600. but the data is not real data. So many people regret the use of these words, because they do not understand these data. On the left side of the page, there is a type of [Match types] list box, select the complete matching [Exact]. Keywords search volume displayed is true.