Shanghai dragon Er how to improve the working efficiency of the chain



chain release time is also very important, such as we do morning afternoon what, what to do, the best according to any difficulty to reasonable arrangements, such as the need to write soft clear mind writing, the best arrangements in the morning this time; after a half day of work, a lot of afternoon will begin to feel fatigue, poor mental state, work to sleep, this time should be arranged more easy, such as forum forum signature, the top post, exchange links, it doesn’t make you feel too tired, there is a reasonable time arrangement can greatly enhance our work efficiency.

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in task assignment, but we can give the number of keywords distribution can also be assigned in terms of quality, such as blog links need to do the number of soft outside the chain need to do much, these are based on the keywords ranking and the degree of competition to reasonable arrangement.

release of the chain must have a clear goal, this can give us a reasonable distribution in the chain of resources, but also for the convenience of our statistics and analysis of the chain the data, for example we optimize three key words: A, B, C, A is the least competitive keywords, keyword B the competition is medium, and the C keyword is popular, so we distribution of the chain should be the key tasks on top of the C, the best to make a analysis of the keywords ranking web site, then the statistics about every day we should give the key words of how much of the chain, such as:

tomorrow night, fewer hours of trouble, which indicates that the advance preparation is very important, for example, we send the chain, the chain resources are collected, separated with the link anchor text not with anchor text links, and can also be subdivided into blog resources, Resources Forum the signature of the band, and so on, these are outside the chain to prepare in advance, in addition to the list of keywords and links we want to optimize the good, when we send the chain can directly copy and paste, very good to improve the efficiency of our work, such as:



Shanghai dragon determines the rationality of the work efficiency. After all, everyone’s time and energy are limited, if we can get 1 hours of work, half an hour to complete, and do very well, so our efficiency came out; closely related to the efficiency of the work is not with the Shanghai dragon, sometimes with their preparation, schedule and tasks the distribution of a great relationship.

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as a Shanghai dragon Er should try to improve their work efficiency, continue to work on their own.