On site outside the chain has been repeatedly and indefinite


chain is always a ring we pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon in the optimization process at all sites, are inseparable from the construction of the chain, as a personal webmaster every day in the construction of the chain of the longest, but sometimes is not hard return there, the key lies in whether the method right, the choice of the route is effective. Recently on the A5 forum around, see many webmaster ask myself every day in the chain increases, but the chain did not rise but has been in decline, the reason, personally think that the site outside the chain continued to decline the key lies in two aspects, one is the quality of the chain do not reach the search engine the standard, two is the effectiveness of the chain is not long, and can open and not open, this is the same with the space need stability. Today I will explain why the site outside the chain as well as the uncertainty.

said only the chain BBS blog two construction because of the effective period and lead down the chain. So if not through the chain BBS blog construction, how will disappear? As far as I know, now the construction of the chain there are many ways in which the Forum blog is only two of the most simple, relatively high point information such as classification, inquiry platform, love Shanghai space, micro-blog, Links, webmaster platform the tool query history and so on, these are the construction of the chain method. We need to analyze the reasons for his chain continued to decline, of course, need to find out what causes the chain failure to be deleted, first take the classification information for example, many people think that the chain of valid classification information construction is relatively long, in fact, the survival rate of free information for each classified information network in only five months, the longest was seven months will be removed, may not have free information for a couple of years, unless you are paying top information. So when the chain to his own life, will naturally be relentlessly delete. As the chain inquiry platform, love Shanghai space like, once the account.

construction of the first Adsense chain platform is mainly through the traditional chain construction platform, blog, forum. The construction of the chain like forum for example, we all know that the forum construction outside the chain is the most easy, as long as the forum included fast, basically a day Bailaibashi construction is no problem, but the chain of this forum construction and has a certain validity, according to personal observation, generally through the chain the construction of the forum most can only survive for about three months, the chain at the same time in the forum to do the quality itself would not have much advantage. In the course of contacts, when they disappear or be removed through the chain construction of the forum, natural site outside of the chain will decline. And through the blog of the construction of the chain is that, although there are now a lot of free blog, but management is very strict. Take Sina blog, if you start with a general release link blog blog from the first day, when Bowen accumulated to about ten articles will be administrator blocked, this is the author of the test data. At the same time the chain free blog does not have a very high quality. In general, the chain to get through the forum, blog is relatively effective is the shortest.