Technology is just a tool to know and do Shanghai Longfeng departments

We do In fact,

technology, the technology is often more than persistent communication with people, would love to hear a compliment, for non-technical people’s criticism, we often will show resistance mentality, now in retrospect, this is how ridiculous.

in fact, or communication problems. Communication is a skill, that everyone will admit, but as a responsible Shanghai Longfeng staff, how can we learn to communicate with colleagues in other departments between


with Shanghai Dragon Technology in general, now industrial company, many of them with their full-time Shanghai dragon er. I come in before the start, but also in an Internet company from the programmer to Shanghai, this post, in the process of this network company jobs, met a lot now in retrospect let oneself regret and love experience, to share the following.

and Shanghai dragon as the emergence of a near field in recent years, the market is not a complete set of industry standards to regulate the market, what is the best Er Shanghai dragon? Most people think some keywords can do up even after is excellent, however, the attendant problems, mainly in the following two aspects:

, 2 words make up, it should flow will increase, will produce economic benefits, but the results are often unexpected, not only the flow changes little, even benefits are reduced, and this time Shanghai dragon in finding out the reason, find the key words you should do it, will take the responsibility to design department or program.

said above, if there is a set of industry standards to be constrained, things will have rules, similarly, we complain that Shanghai Longfeng standard is not good to develop, in fact we have overlooked an important document, is the "noble baby website quality guide", the number of this guide contains a a few hundred articles, involving the current Shanghai dragon all aspects of the field, now even those who master the use of "Shanghai Dragon

After ?

technology itself is difficult to have a fixed standard, many companies in the technology sector standards are determined by their own company, for example, how the art effect is pass the kind of program function is feasible, because the artists and the program after years of market baptism, most Internet companies of the two positioning Posts and standards have a clear understanding, so in the management of Technology Department of art and design department, company director or person in charge and will not feel difficult, because everything is standard in supervision.

1, because other departments do not know Shanghai dragon, so some modifications of the website design, programs or departments often operate according to the instructions issued by the Shanghai Longfeng department, if after the modification, it can achieve the desired effect, then fine, all gas and gas, on the other hand, between the Department and the Department of communication will appear some resentment.