The interpretation of the WeChat Jingdong search logic weakening category

for large and Jingdong, PC end of the list of categories is essential for natural home. But the positioning of WeChat Jingdong in the end online shopping entrance "boutique", more massive commodity is better hidden, users on the platform more actions will focus on not to "find" rather than to "find", so the importance of the weak category list.

WeChat search

noted billion state power network, in WeChat’s online shopping platform, sub categories are hidden in the search function under screening. The user only after certain search keywords, to subdivide the screening in the keyword category. For example, only in the search for "bag", will appear the trend of bag / single shoulder bag, handbag, satchel / fashion / luxury wallets in different categories.


at present, in the end is not Jingdong WeChat search through direct sellers shop through the product details page cannot directly to the third party sellers shop. This means that the Jingdong POP.

3, temporarily unable to search direct store

2, hidden in the search function under the category list.

search function of the line means that the huge volume SKU Jingdong is gradually moving to WeChat. Although the WeChat positioning is more "new" products, but also must also cater to the needs of users, and the search is undoubtedly can be transferred to the appropriate goods essential functions of users in the shortest time. However, billion state power network noted that Jingdong in the search function and PC WeChat end compared with the following two different:


category list on WeChat to hide deeper

1, the search results have minor differences.

] May 28th news billion state power network, pass the entrance at the Jingdong raise a Babel of criticism of WeChat yesterday officially launched the grayscale test, billion state power network noted that although the Jingdong WeChat entrance (channel called "shopping") basically is the transfer of the original "my bank card – selected commodity channel, but its an important change is that the online search function.

online shopping channel "lychee" appeared 7686 items



billion state power network and try to search some key words respectively in the Jingdong and WeChat PC side entrance, mostly found there are some small differences in search results. For example, search "Lenovo", the Jingdong’s official website to find 25812 items, while WeChat online shopping channels appear 29987 items; search for "lychee", the Jingdong’s official website to find 7294 items, while WeChat online shopping channels appear 7686 items. Thus, in the end the number of goods Jingdong WeChat has more than PC.

PC search for "litchi" get 7294 results of