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recently the company website, is the test site, nothing else will be two this year Amoy class network process optimization over the view of a few times, that benefit, the optimal execution plan is our boss to write, he took the team to do site promotion for nearly 7 years is very powerful, many websites that he did in our industry is one of the best, hope to be able to help the novice like me, I also do Shanghai Longfeng optimization for more than a year, think of Shanghai dragon is the most important to pay attention to the details, they are familiar with to master a set of practical operating methods, and these methods will be applied to the extreme, no have to spend a lot of time to see what method, every day, instead of wasting his precious time, regularly look at some consulting A5 and some other forum will be Shanghai Dragon Look, some of the latest dynamic search engine or network promotion, see some optimization implementation records about the site, there are more than 40 kinds of files, so some things I will omit all the minor details, I think some will pick out the key things, estimates there are many, I will according to the time sequence gradually to share out, hope everyone can look carefully, but this is really dry cargo, ADO into the theme:

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